Jan. 3rd, 2015

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Kersen had recently learned a very important life lesson: Never use the words "I wish" in the company of the fae. Not even flippantly. Not even accidentally. Not even if you thought that Willy Silver was kind of a friend and not a soulless, malicious, childish jackass.

Because, what might happen is that you wake up one morning as the opposite gender.1 And then you freak out on the man who'd been sharing your bed, who luckily is a psychiatrist so pretty understanding. Except when you get turned on later and ill advisedly start making out with him but then completely freak out because you don't, you know, have the correct genitals.

And then, you of course naively assume that the fae who fucked you over so royally will have a good laugh and then change you back. Except it turns out you're totally wrong and he actually is a total sociopath who makes you bargain to get your own body back.

All of this explained how Kersen was, five days later, still in a female body. And his contact who was hunting down the damn flower or whatever that Willy wanted had apparently tracked it down in Tibet or something and was on his way back to London. He should be here tomorrow. Kersen could handle one more night like this, right? Right. Sure. As if he hadn't already been slowly going insane over the past few days.

Some people - stupid people - assumed that drag queens were all transsexual. Kersen was not. Not at all. And if this experience had taught him anything it was just how true that was. Maybe it had brought him some insight into himself as well, but he refused to be grateful to Willy for any part of it. He just wanted to be himself again. He wanted his penis back. And he'd never complain again about having to make his own clothes.

At least if he had to be a woman he was an attractive woman. And he looked a lot like himself - especially in drag, though it was very clear now that he wasn't a man in drag. He'd been pretending for the past few nights to be his own cousin. Which was really freaking weird. And he wasn't going to sing like this, so he was bartending instead.

Someone sat down at the bar but he didn't look up right away. "What can I get you?" he asked, cleaning a glass out with a cloth.

1 kind of NSFW


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