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"Actually, so far the only similarity between these murders and the Ripper case is the missing organs, and even that wasn't present in each Ripper victim. Out of the five canonical murders, Nichols was not missing any organs; Chapman's uterus was taken; Eddowes had her uterus and a kidney removed, and Kelly was missing her heart," Spencer told the man standing beside him on line at the cafe- Who'd made the mistake of comparing a recent string of murders in modern day London, to the work of Jack the Ripper. The man was holding a copy of some weekly rag, which featured a headline that warned anyone who was dim enough to read it that the Ripper was 'Back from the Dead',
"This new killer doesn't have a gender preference, and hasn't targeted a single prostitute. The crime scenes are elaborate and almost artistic- The victims are often mutilated, but never out of rage..."
The man cut the young doctor off with a wave of his hand, clearly not interested in his thoughts on the case. "Look, wot-ever, mate. I'm just sayin', I'll not be letting my girls out after dark 'till he's caught."
Spencer nodded a bit, biting his tongue and deciding the man probably didn't want to hear how unlikely it was that his daughters would be targeted next.
"I bet it's a foreigner," the woman behind him whispered. "Some unemployed filth."
Spencer looked puzzled by that, then shook his head. "Actually, it's much more likely that he's a wealthy older man- Caucasian, mid thirties to late fifties. Wealthy, well spoken and educated..."
The woman rolled her eyes at him and turned to the gentleman holding the paper, ignoring Spencer's profile in favour of gossip.

(OTA catch Spencer on line, or just after he orders his coffee. Or catch him as he leaves the cafe. :D)


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