May. 12th, 2015

Debut! OTA

May. 12th, 2015 09:08 pm
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Lowell hadn't been back in London for long, and it was still weird going back to his old haunts and seeing them with new eyes. Maybe it was experience. Maybe it was the not-quite-alive thing. Maybe it was the shifting personality thing. Yeah, it was definitely just the zombie thing.

The worst of it was the food; nothing tasted the same. In fact, nothing tasted like much of anything at all. Before coming out today he'd made an attempt to make something resembling egg salad out of brains, and it had just tasted like... brains. Though worse was that they were unknown brains, and so he figured some new and exciting personality or set of memories would kick in soon. How this had become so rote he had no idea. At least he'd laid down a track last night while he was feeling like himself.

And maybe it was this desire for normalcy that had him at his favorite cafe in the city, sitting outside in the sunshine (at least he didn't burn despite the fact that his skin was practically translucent) drinking tea. Even if the tea tasted like hot water.

He carried a bottle hot sauce around with him wherever he went, and he pulled it out of his messenger bag now and shook some of it into his earl grey before taking a drink.

Ugh. Why did he even bother.


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