Jun. 10th, 2015


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His vision was only getting worse and worse, and after a morning at the doctors hearing nothing but bad news, he'd had to resist the temptation of just going home and hiding under the covers. Instead he'd gone to meet some American director at Stanley's urging. The man apparently wanted to make a film based on Reap, Fin's well received play, and though Fin wasn't sure how it would work, he'd agreed to have lunch and chat about it. 

They'd lunched at The Ivy, and were now back at the man's hotel room, chatting about who Fin would most like to see play the lead role. In jest he told the man he'd only ever pictured himself in the role, causing the American to laugh and rest his hand on Fin's knee.

"I like your ambition," the director said, his hand creeping just a bit too high as he spoke.

"It's not ambition, it's just-"

But the man cut him off, kissing him- Much to Fin's surprise. The man wasn't aggressive, but he was certainly forward, and it took more effort than Fin was comfortable with to convince him to stop.

"Oh come on," the American laughed. "You ask for a lead role and then balk at a little heavy petting? I don't buy for a moment that you're that clueless- Or that innocent. You think I haven't been following your little media circus?"

Fin was on his feet, fixing his clothes, but he frowned at that. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Oh, please. Come on. You're letting them make some cheep TV flick about your abduction. One week you're blind, the next week you can see a bit. How much of that shit's even real? You even blind at all?" he laughed, reaching for Fin's sunglasses, then snatching him off his face with a chuckle.

"Please give them back," Fin said softly, holding out his hand and fighting to keep his calm.

"Take 'em, they're right here, sweetheart," the American replied.

Fin squinted, but the world was just shadows and blurred light today. He couldn't even be sure where the man was standing now. "Keep them," he muttered, turning away and unfolding his can as he let himself out the room and made his way back down to street level.

His breath hitched slightly as he started to walk, and though he was usually careful he was moving a bit too quickly. Even with his cane out, he wasn't very focused, and after nearly walking into traffic once, and a postbox, he managed to crash right into someone.

"Oi, wot-chit, yeah?" the man said, annoyed, but taking a moment to hand Fin his cane back.

"You watch it!" Fin snapped.

"Fucking celebrities think they own this fucking town," a woman muttered, and Fin's cheeks went red as he rushed to the corner and tried to hail a cab.


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