Jul. 6th, 2015


Jul. 6th, 2015 08:07 pm
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It's not paranoia if there really is something to be paranoid about, right?

Case in point: There seemed to be something weird going on with the vampires in London lately. They seemed to be somewhat less... under control. Or maybe just sloppier. But in the past couple of months he'd seen reports of several bodies showing up that screamed vampire killing. Even if, thank god, not too obvious - Kersen could only imagine the chaos if bodies with fang marks drained of blood started showing up. But that combined with the sloppy attack on Michael a couple of weeks ago, and another vampire trying to glamour a customer outside Kersen's bar... the high levels of activity were unusual, and it was troubling.

But it was also why, when Kersen saw a vampire appear to be following a human on a near empty street, he followed right along after them. He couldn't see the human from the front, but could tell the difference in scent.

And yep, there it went. The vampire pulled the human into a nearby alley. Picking up speed, Kersen followed.

[OOC: Be saved from a horrifying vampire attack! :D And the vampire can either be glamouring them or biting them (or whatever you want), so there's no need for your character to even find out about vampires if you don't want.]


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