Jan. 24th, 2016


Jan. 24th, 2016 08:40 am
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You're weird lately.

People put it in different ways and in different languages, but that seemed to be the constant refrain around Sunny these days. When she called home to talk to her mother, Mama said she was tense. Her school friends found her snippier than usual. When she called Orlu--and by extension Chichi, since Chichi didn't have a phone or computer--she could be freer but even they noticed something was off.

The problem was, Sunny just wasn't dealing with it. She couldn't properly say what it was. Or maybe she could and she just didn't want to.

Is something going on?

The suggestion had come up from people who had no idea how impossible it was that maybe she should talk to somebody. Somebody professional. Only Sunny knew she wouldn't make it a day in therapy of any kind. She had too much to keep to herself, and unfortunately a large part of that 'too much' factored into the sort of person she was. It would never work. So... the thing inside her only grew. Snowballed. Every little anxiety was balling up into a larger one and it was going to mow her down one of these days.

Today she'd been trying to release some of that tension by playing soccer in the park with some friends. London never actually got very cold, which suited Sunny just fine. But while she usually tried to hold back in the game since she was better than all of her friends and they all knew it, she was too aggressive. She ran too hard, kicked too hard, yelled too loud. Seemed only inevitable that she'd take an injury, didn't it?

So she'd benched herself to watch them play, babysitting the backpacks, and a thought flashed through her mind. I don't fit here, either.

And that was so dangerously close to the heart of the matter than she immediately shoved it away, rolling up her muddy jeans to see the place where her shin was already turning livid purple.

You're weird lately.


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