Feb. 20th, 2016

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A girl couldn’t rely on regular customers forever, especially not a girl like Angelique. She was a novelty, she knew. A fetish, even. Not a long-term sort of mistress, but a way to scratch a very, very particular itch.

That suited her quite fine. She got bored with them well before they got bored with her.

Case in point: walking through one of the city parks on a drab London Saturday, Angelique made a splash in a cinched-waist long pink coat and black leather boots, a bold flower on a gray day. Her unique style, Victorian-expired with modern tailoring, made her memorable -- especially to people she would rather forget. A small group of young men were gathered around a park bench not far ahead, talking and laughing loudly, and Angelique recognized them from a recent stag party who hadn't been entirely happy with her services.

With a burst of nervous energy, Angelique quickened her click-heel steps and swept up to the side of the nearest convenient person. "Be a dear and pretend like you know me for the next ten minutes," she requested, dark eyes glinting with mischief over a barely-suppressed little smile.


A girl like Angelique couldn’t drum up new business just anywhere, nevermind the fact that her primary profession was actually illegal. She had to be careful about where and when she gave out her card. Bars here and there in the LGBTQ-friendly parts of the city were welcoming enough, but she had to work at it. That meant a lot of drinks, a lot of flirting, and a lot of strolling the pavement in ridiculously high-heeled boots.

She was tragically exhausted by the time she found a high-backed seat at the bar of a trendy hot spot popular with the queer community, later that night. Her day had been exhausting, and she deserved a drink. Just sitting down in her dress and corset in this club was like a neon Open for Business sign,which was exactly what Angelique wanted. She ordered herself a strong martini, crossed her ankles in ladylike fashion, and waited to be approached. They would come to her, sooner or later.

((OOC: either at the park or later at the club, Angelique wants to meet you!))


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