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"Why can't I go?" Winter asked, frowning and resisting the urge to stomp his foot as he watched Finlay fight with his tie and attempt to get his hair under control- Even though it seemed determined to curl up in loose waves in every which direction.

"Because, as I explained before, it's an event for adults. You'd stand out like a sore thumb, Winter," Fin sighed, glancing at the pixie as he spoke. "You wouldn't even enjoy it. It's going to be all classical music, and wine and cheese. You'd be bored instantly. Why don't you go out and do something fun, hmm?"

Winter scowled, glaring at the back of Fin's head. "I am an adult though. I am older than you, Finlay Alexander Flynn," the pixie reminded him coolly.

Fin took a deep breath, doing his best not to let that hot little spark in his gut get the best of him as he counted to ten before speaking. They'd been arguing about this for nearly an hour now, and honestly Fin was reaching his limit.

"Fine, legally you're an adult," Fin agreed. "But you look like you're barely of age, and you behave like a bloody child most of the time. You're an adult pixie, but we're not in Never Never Land, or wherever it is you hang out when you're not here. If you want to be treated like the adult you claim to be while walking among mortals, Winter Wisp, then you need to grow up and behave like one."

The little pixie looked furious. ...Or, well, as furious as a pixie could look. 

"That's racist," Winter declared. "I can't help that I am small and youthful!"

Fin sighed, rolling his eyes. "Winter, I really don't think you know what that word means, and as a tiny, little blonde white boy, I wouldn't go throwing it around like that. ...Why do you even want to come to this party? Truly, I ask you that in all seriousness. Is it just because I told you no? I don't believe you're actually keen to put a suit on and listen to Chopan."

Winter didn't honestly know what a Chopan was, and he scowled again. "Fine, you're right, I don't want to go. It's a stupid party, and I don't want to spend the night looking at your stupid, undead face anyway."

Fin rolled his eyes again, then shook his head. "Your pocket money is on the counter. Why don't you order a pizza and rent a game or something?" he suggested as gently as he could manage.

"No, I'm going out," Winter decided. "I'll go do something actually fun!"

Fin hummed a little, then nodded. "Take your phone with you then. No taking drinks from strangers, no getting in strange cars, and if you're out past midnight, check in. ...And remember what we talked about."

Winter was too huffy to think about what had happened in the past, or the talk Fin had had with him about how some people had bad intentions. So the pixie simply waved his phone in the man's face before grabbing his money and stomping out the door.

It was a slightly chilly night, and the pixie wished he'd thought to wear a coat as he went from one club to the next. The first place hadn't been too keen to let him in, claiming there wasn't a good 'man to woman ratio', whatever that meant. However, the next place had practically whisked him off the street, waving the cover charge as they ushered him inside.

Within minutes people were buying him drinks, which Winter was mindful enough to only take when they came directly from the barman. Though for all he avoided having anything nasty slipped into them, he still indulged in a few too many. Soon enough he was on the dance floor, where strangers were all too happy to touch and get close. Winter liked the attention, but he wasn't sure he liked the contact. It was so forward and familiar... It made him feel a bit like he was back in his cage.

At one point a man cornered him near the toilets, and though Winter flirted gamely, he didn't like the way the man took that as an invitation to touch him.

Outside on the street wasn't much better. The world seemed to tilt and wobble, and the pixie scowled at the pavement for daring to shift beneath his feet.

"Rude," he told it. "How am I to walk when you're wiggling?"

(OTA! Find Winter in the club or outside on the pavement.)


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