May. 26th, 2016


May. 26th, 2016 06:28 pm
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For the most part, these days, Yves was less interested in what mortals labelled as 'the occult' and more what they called 'science'. Honestly, in his mind the two were somewhat interchangeable. Potions were just drugs dressed up in pretty bottles, with slightly more exotic ingredients. Operations were dark magic rituals preformed under bright lights, where swapping out and removing bits, while funnelling in fresh blood and carefully picking the right poison to keep the subject alive, was painted in a strangely pleasant light.

So he switched between the two without a care, even letting them overlap on occasion. Though mixing the dark arts mortals called medicine or progress with the more obscure potions and rituals of his own kind, could, on occasion, result in some odd occurrences.

It had been a lovely day today, not too hot, not terribly cold, with a zero chance of precipitation. ...So the sudden thunderclouds and vicious downpour that rolled over central London in the span of twenty minutes was, actually, a bit shocking. Yves had been working on something special, but was aware he'd made a misstep when he heard the crack of thunder outside.

Making his way up from his basement, he grabbed an umbrella before stepping outside and looking up.

"Curious," he said mildly. Apparently mixing olanzapine with a weather stone, and the essence of a freshly killed wraith, had interesting side effects.


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