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The Phouka was free, though he'd not done much with that freedom. He'd not gone anywhere, nor had he left Winter to himself. He still followed him around the city, ready at a moment's notice to protectthe pixie.

Willy had scolded him and then had given him a thick stack of money to go shopping. The Phouka wanted to protest that he was quite capable of changing leaves to money but the prince would hear nothing of it. He simply ordered the Phouka to shop and eat and enjoy himself.

The creature did not much like being scolded, and he had not been free long enough to feel alright with defying the prince's direct order.

He thought of the discussin of clothing with Winter the other day and so when he went shopping he did not go to his tailor, nor anywhere where they sold what he might normally wear. Instead he went to a shop that sold denim and had found a few pairs of jeans. He had bought new boots and new shirts and changed into the new clothes before heading out. It was like wearing a new skin. He had to admit they were quite comfortable. The denim and shirt were soft and his jacket was softly coloured, the fashion this spring. He always wore vivid jewel tones so the softer colours were curious on him.

He carried shopping bags laden with clothes and shoes representing thousands of pounds spent with the ease of a man who had money to burn (or a faerie who cared nothing for money).

Now to find food as his belly was making it known he needed to fill it with delicious meats and fruits. He did not know of anywhere around here to eat so he pulled out his phone and began to fuss with it, trying to find the food app. He didn' tuse the device enough to be an expert...and he probably never would be.


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