Jun. 16th, 2016

Debut EP

Jun. 16th, 2016 05:29 pm
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Akeem drank in moderation, and watched his diet. It was important, so that he might have enough energy in his everyday life. He allowed himself one main vice: he smoked. Had smoked since he was in his twenties, and the occasional cigarette bummed off a friend at a party had turned into a habit.

Today found him at a table outside a café as he finished reading the original version of The Mehlis Report, and he had rather been chain-smoking through it. He had closed the book after finishing it (an old-fashioned book, rather than those modern e-readers he would not use for the world) and asked the waiter for another coffee. He was still reflecting upon the book when it came, and after paying, he pulled a cigarette out of his pack, only to find that his lighter had decided to pass away.

"Excuse me," he leaned towards the next table, giving its occupant a polite smile. "You wouldn't happen to have a lighter I could borrow, would you?"
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While every week is a good week to love yourself and be proud, no week was better time to shout that pride from the rooftops than, well, London Pride. 

From Pride Ride, an epic group cycle through London, to parades, lunches, parties, massive club nights, and even comedy shows and concerts, there was no way anyone could be bored this week. There were ample opportunities to dress up in flashy clothes, reach out and meet other members of the LGBT community, and even just blow off some steam.

Some events of note to look forward to were the Natural History Museum June Lates, the already mentioned Pride RideSecret Soho Saucy Tours, and dozens of other events and fun times.

Something for everyone, and not  dull day in sight.


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