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It had felt good to clean the place up, he had to admit. His little excursion to Ireland had been, well, quite lovely. He thought of maybe adding a hint of Ireland to the menu, but he wasn't sure how to, yet. Serving up burgers, chips, steaks, potatoes, and fresh-baked rolls seemed to have him fairly satisfied. Maybe diversifying the taps would be a better touch...

To be fair, though, Gavril liked it simple. The pub itself was a rustic thing with a hint of Scandinavia; scrimshaw-covered wooden columns flanked the bar, carefully dusted off since his return. The wooden surfaces of the bar and the tables had been polished with love, the iconic, wooden wolf's head carving above the bar was dusted and cleaned as well.

It had been a few years since he'd stepped out to Ireland, traveling by foot from north to south, living off the land, the hospitality of others, and with what little money he'd taken with him. It had been, frankly, quite rejuvenating. And now he was ready to get back to business.

The friendly “We're Open” sign of carved oak and ash hung happily in the window, and the chalkboard outside announced Wolf's Head's reopening as well. The place wasn't bustling, and Gavril preferred to keep it low-key, especially since it was just him, for now, running things. But he was okay with that. And he was okay with being back in London.

With any luck, he'd be speaking to a few applicants as well; he'd placed an advertisement in the paper, and any visitors would see the black-and-orange plastic 'Help Wanted' sign that Gavril had picked up from a store and stuck in the corner of the door. He didn't want to run Wolf's Head on his own, but he could manage for now. It wasn't like the place was swarming, or anything.


Nov. 17th, 2016 05:24 pm
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Ever since Halloween, Vanessa had been spending more time than usual in Prometheus's shop. She usually only opened it up a few hours during the weekend, for anyone to wander into, but these days she headed there straight from work. She had been making an inventory of the books and items inside it, since she had been unable to find one. Of course, many of the items were mysterious to her, so the making of that list was a long and arduous process, given how much research she sometimes had to do.

But she hoped that it would pay off, in the end. That she might be able to find something there to stand in the place of the talisman she had broken on Halloween, wielding the words of Verbis Diablo to destroy the creature that had been after Felix. She had written Prometheus, telling him the gist of what had happened (Felix's story was, after all, his own, and she did not even mention him by name) and asking whether he could think of anything else that might afford her the same protection the amulet had. But mail was a slow thing, and she had received no answer for now.

Nothing had happened yet, but without protection, something would, eventually. Vanessa could almost feel her demons slithering ever so much closer to her.

Right then, she was carefully leafing through an old tome full of esoteric drawings, trying to estimate its value - the sort of value that had nothing to do with pounds. She looked a little less together than usual, wisps of hair escaping her chignon, and the jacket of her pants suit folded on the back of a nearby chair. When the door opened, she looked up from the book she was perusing at the counter, wondering who the shop had drawn in this time.


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