Nov. 20th, 2016


Nov. 20th, 2016 12:15 pm
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The Blood Diamond was a familiar place to Manuel by now. He’d gone to see Eric again, quiet and obedient as ever. If anyone had asked, he’d have said he wasn’t scared, but every vampire in the building could hear how fast his heart was beating. He’d gotten used to the glances he got from the other vampires, and he knew exactly what they meant. They wanted to eat him, too, but as long as he was under the Sheriff’s protection, they couldn’t.

Being fed of off didn’t hurt too much. He’d had worse. He tried not to hold his breath as Eric’s fangs punched through his skin. He knew he’d only have to put up with the sting of the holes in his neck for a little while, until Eric finished drinking and healed him. When the time came to swallow that little drop of Eric’s blood, the pain suddenly didn’t seem so bad anymore. He didn’t want to take it. But he did what was expected of him, and he did it without complaining.

The vampire blood took effect instantly. The pain disappeared and the bite marks healed over, replaced with fresh, unbroken skin. His fear was gone just as quickly. His misery and loneliness melted away in a second. Eric’s blood was the only thing in nearly two years that had made him feel happy.

The world was brighter and softer all at the same time, and happy was too small a word.

Eric told him he could crash on the couch, like usual, but this time Manuel headed out of the office and back through the bar, for no reason other than he really, really wanted to. It was a really nice bar. He watched the customers drinking and dancing for a while, then headed back out onto the street. The lights and sounds of passing cars immediately caught his attention, and he stepped towards the road. They looked even better up close. He kept moving forward, over the edge of the pavement until he was standing in the road, just to the side of the flow of traffic. To any sober person it was clearly not safe, but Manuel was completely content and relaxed, convinced he’d be able to move out of the way in time if any cars got too close.

He stood there, watching the different coloured lights sailing past and disappearing into the distance.

((Come stop him from getting run over :D Oh yeah, and if you have a pup who’d be plugged into the local vampire talk, feel free for them to have heard that there’s a golden-haired changeling teenager who’s under the protection of London’s vampire Sheriff.))


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