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 Unlike Hotch, Spencer had gotten used to being unarmed most of the time fairly quickly. He didn't miss the gun that had once hung from his hip any time he was in field, and he didn't find himself reaching for it at all when he was on the job.

However, he was aware that being unarmed left him much more vulnerable. He wasn't as strong as Hotch, he couldn't depend on brute strength to get by in a bad situation. It was that thought that had led him here, to a small studio in the centre of London, not far from his office. Most nights it served as a dance instruction studio, but tonight it had been full of people wanting to learn self defence.

The class was long and harder than he'd expected, and though he'd had time to shower and change, Spencer was still looking flushed as he stepped outside into the surprisingly warm night.

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Lucrezia did not actually need a self defense class. Years after Paul had taught her what she could (mostly, to protect herself from her then-husband should it become necessary), she had actually taken up private lessons of a sort again - this time with Michael (who had a rather more deadly perspective on defense than she'd previously encountered).

But then last week, she'd been in the kitchen cooking dinner and Allan had come up behind her and startled her, put a hand at her throat (okay, it was probably more like at her shoulder). And acting on utter instinct, she had turned and grabbed his wrist, twisting it.

She'd laughed it off of course, told him she must be jumpy because she was taking a self defense class with some girlfriends on a lark. He seemed to believe her, but she realized she really ought to cover for that lie. So here she'd been in her yoga pants and her pink sports bra and ponytail, pretending to be clueless. Michael would be laughing his ass off if he saw her.

Afterwards, she stood outside, intending to call Allan's driver since it was late enough that she would rather not take the tube alone. Only when she pulled her phone out of her bag she discovered that the battery was dead.

"Oh bugger," she swore, and shook the damn thing like that would make any difference at all. And she probably looked like a crazy person, so she offered an apologetic smile to the tall, thin man standing next to her. "Dead," she said. "Technology is so useful until it isn't."

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Lucrezia took it from him with a grateful smile, held it for a second, and then held it back out to him, looking incredibly sheepish.

"Well this is embarrassing," she said. "I don't actually know the number." On account of, you know, it was in her phone. "I was going to call my driver. I could get a taxi instead, or... I don't suppose you're taking the tube? I don't mind, I just didn't want to walk to the station by myself, I'm not that familiar with this area."

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"Lucrezia," she offered with a friendly smile, and shook his hand. She didn't typically give her last name unless she had to, since it was a rather loaded name. Not that there were many Lucrezias running about.

"And thank you." She put her dead phone back into her back and slung it more comfortably over her shoulder. "May I ask what you're a doctor of?"

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"Ah!" Lucrezia looked suitably impressed but did not seem intimidated. "I'm guessing you work at one of the universities then? I understand that Imperial has quite the impressive engineering department."

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FBI. Interesting, she thought, that he would need self defense training. Seemed like something they would see to, though she certainly didn't know that much on the matter. "How do you like London?" she asked. "I've heard mixed reviews from Americans."

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"I love it here," Lucrezia said, always happy when her city was appreciated. "My father's family came from Spain, but this has always been my home." The Borgias had been treated with suspicion once, not quite English enough, but once enough time passed and enough power was accumulated, that no longer seemed to matter.


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