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It's not paranoia if there really is something to be paranoid about, right?

Case in point: There seemed to be something weird going on with the vampires in London lately. They seemed to be somewhat less... under control. Or maybe just sloppier. But in the past couple of months he'd seen reports of several bodies showing up that screamed vampire killing. Even if, thank god, not too obvious - Kersen could only imagine the chaos if bodies with fang marks drained of blood started showing up. But that combined with the sloppy attack on Michael a couple of weeks ago, and another vampire trying to glamour a customer outside Kersen's bar... the high levels of activity were unusual, and it was troubling.

But it was also why, when Kersen saw a vampire appear to be following a human on a near empty street, he followed right along after them. He couldn't see the human from the front, but could tell the difference in scent.

And yep, there it went. The vampire pulled the human into a nearby alley. Picking up speed, Kersen followed.

[OOC: Be saved from a horrifying vampire attack! :D And the vampire can either be glamouring them or biting them (or whatever you want), so there's no need for your character to even find out about vampires if you don't want.]

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Vanessa's sixth sense was rather well developed, to say the least. So when she felt as if she were being followed, she readjusted her purse strap and looked down into it with no more haste than if she were looking for her keys. By the time someone grabbed her arm and pulled her roughly into a side alley, her fingers were tight around the pepper spray, and she held it up to direct a steady stream right into her assailant's eyes.

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Logan was aware he was being followed, and given the fact that the man behind him didn't seem to be breathing, he had a feeling he wasn't human. That was fine though, that was actually kind of what he'd been hoping for after he'd pinched some tech from Jack's office and slipped out to enjoy the night.

He'd been told it wasn't a toy, he'd been told not to take it, and he'd been told more than once that Jack was absolutely going to kick his ass if he started dicking around with the tech for kicks- Which, honestly, just meant he was absolutely going to do it. Jack had to know that.

So when the creature dragged him around the corner, Logan was ready. He pulled the strange glowing orb from his pocket and squeezed it, using it the way he'd seen Jack do, and closing his eyes.

When he opened them again, the vampire was frozen in place, leaning in as if it was about to rip Logan's throat out. ...More importantly, however, they were no longer alone.

Peeking around the frozen vampire, he flashed the stranger that winning Echolls smile.

"Twilight role play. I dunno why I've always got to be Bella though. I've totally got the abs to be Jacob."

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Logan shrugged, because he honestly had no idea how the thing worked or what to even call it. He was just curious about how effective it was and how long it would last- Though, honestly, he'd been hoping for a mugging, not... Whatever this was.

"I should warn you, this whole frozen act isn't permanent. I don't suppose you've got a stake on you, huh? Or, I dunno, a number two pencil? I don't actually know how to kill a vampire. That hasn't really come up before."
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"What, you'd prefer a fistfight with him?" Logan asked, looking the man over and raising a brow.

Something tugged at his memory then, an uncomfortable little pull. Things had been strange since everything that had happened at Torchwood and the timelines had attempted to correct themselves. Memories came trickling back to him from different worlds and places. So far they'd all revolved around his relationship with Jack, but now and then he'd meet someone new and feel an odd little tug of familiarity.

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"Sometimes it lasts a minute, sometimes five... You don't seem terribly freaked out by any of this though. Vampires- Frozen ones at that," Logan noted.

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From: [personal profile] akatawitch
Sunny had heard the steps behind her, of course she had. Her aim rather than make something of it was to find some place that was open this late that she could duck into. But she wasn't afraid.

Even when she found herself snatched into an alley, she had not been afraid even if she had been surprised.

She'd recovered very quickly, though, pulling her juju knife from her bag. Not for the blade, but for the handle, which was pure silver. She found a patch of skin and held it there until the thing shrieked and leaped back.

The burn was echoed on Sunny's own skin, but she had been braced for the pain, and the vampire had not.

"You dare?" she bellowed, flipping the knife around in preparation to cast a spell.

Date: 2015-07-08 05:06 am (UTC)
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Sunny of course didn't notice or care that she had a witness, busy staring down the vampire that had just tried to take a bite out of her. Her gaze perfectly steady, she slashed at the air with her knife. There was a glow at the tip, a little point of light with a certain golden cast to it that she didn't feel she had to explain. And apparently, she didn't have to. One false move, she was going to shoot that vampire with sunlight or something close enough not to matter.

"Leave," she told it, low and even. It ran.

Her eyes followed it, and then, then she saw that someone had seen her.

And in an instant everything about her that was threatening vanished. The light went out, her whole presence shrank, and all that stood there was a wide-eyed girl who was trying to figure out how the hell she was going to explain what had just happened. The swiftly healing burn at her collarbone really wasn't helping.
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Her voice shaking, Sunny asked, "How much did you see?" Mostly on reflex and with full knowledge that it was a foolish question even if the answer weren't obviously 'Everything.' She didn't even bother to stash her knife or cover the burn.

The smart thing would be to just get the hell out of there, but there was dealing with threats to her life and dealing with... this.
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Sunny breathed a long sigh, and felt something like certainty come back. Not caught, but she'd have to be more careful, apparently. "You knew," she said, slipping the knife away, her expression slipping from fear to curiosity. Whatever he was, he didn't have magic.

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Manuel had noticed the guy following him. He'd started walking faster, on the outside of the pavement, waiting for an opportunity to get away. The other guy wasn't that close, so he'd thought he'd have plenty of chance to escape. He'd never encountered a vampire before.

It shot forward, grabbed him, and dragged him into an alley much faster than he'd thought was possible. It clamped a hand over his mouth to cut short his startled squawk, and wrapped the other round his body to keep him still. With the vampire behind him, Manuel couldn't see that its fangs were out and ready to bite.

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Manuel staggered away a few steps as soon as he was free, turning to face the others in the alley.

The situation was starting to get weird. Getting dragged into an alley and attacked wasn't that strange, to him. Somebody caring enough to come to the rescue was odd, though. That somebody pulling out a wooden stake while getting hissed at was definitely weird.

He looked like he was ready to run for it at a moment's notice, but he stayed where he was and stared, wide-eyed.

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After all of the drama he and Felix had had to deal with lately, the last thing Shannon wanted on top of it was to be mugged. He was so worn out from the gossip columns and reporters that his first thought when he was pulled into the alley was a tired Really? before the fear finally kicked in.

He turned to face his attacker. "What do you want?" he asked. The man didn't get a chance to answer.

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Shannon watched the scuffle, wondering if this new addition was an ally or another foe. Then his attacker ran off and he was left with the newcomer. He sighed in relief when he recognized Kersen.

"Thank you," he said. It felt kind of nice to be the rescued one, for once.

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"Save for a bruised wrist, I'm fine," Shannon answered, rubbing the joint in question. He sighed again, this time in annoyance. "I can't believe I was almost mugged." He turned to Kersen. "Don't tell Felix about this."

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