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 It had started a week ago. Spencer wasn't completely sure what had triggered it, but he had a feeling it was something to do with the fact that he'd finally read the official report on Tobias Hankel. It was something he'd put off for over a year, but it was always on his mind... It was no surprise really that he'd found himself accessing the file at nearly three in the morning, his laptop not nearly as comfortable as a paper file as it rested on his knee.

Only a day later he was having nightmares. ...By the end of the week he was craving something he hadn't wanted in a very long time.

Getting over his addiction to dilaudid had been hard, and the temptation to return to it was constant even when Spencer was at his best. So when the itch started to become unbearable, he finally forced himself to return to his meetings, sitting near the back and taking comfort in the fact that he was surrounded by people who were struggling with the same things. ...It made him feel less alone. Less weak.

After the meeting he'd made his way to his favourite coffee shop, where he sat at his usual table, with his usual order, and his usual stack of books. His gaze was slightly sunken, and his face gaunt and tired as he sipped his coffee with one hand, and turned pages with the other.
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