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“Grab another drink, stretch your legs, do what you’ve gotta do. Just don’t go too far, ‘cause we’ll be back in a few,” Coby says, with a wink for the crowd and a nod to the rest of the band. He finished off the rest of his beer as he followed the other guys off-stage. Dave and Brion headed straight for the bar, and Máire turned toward the ladies’ room, but Coby made a left to go around back of the stage and out the side door.

“Ten minutes, yeah?” the manager reminded him on his way out, either not noticing or not caring when Coby shoved half a brick against the doorjamb to keep it from closing behind him. He really didn’t feel like walking around to the front to get back in, and who knew if somebody would hear him knocking.

The night air was cool after the closeness of the bar and the charge he always got performing, and his skin prickled at the sudden change as he leaned against the wall and breathed deep. The bar was on a corner, the door he’d come out opening on a smaller street than the main entrance, but this time of night there were still plenty of people walking by. Coby hadn’t even been in London two weeks yet; getting caught lighting up on a public sidewalk wasn’t the idea. He still got out his lighter, but for a Marlboro that brought too many memories along with it. Marlboros were Javi’s brand, and the hypocritical bastard had had no problems puffing away on one while telling Coby he shouldn’t smoke so much ‘cause it would fuck up his voice.

“Damn it, Coby, gotta stop with this shit,” he muttered to himself, then glared at the person who’d paused, maybe trying to decide if he was talking to them or just crazy.

Crazy, was the answer, but he tried not to be too obvious about that kind of thing. Besides, that was the idea behind coming to London, right? Get away from things for awhile to get his head on straight again.

[not Coby's specific set list for the night, but for anyone wanting an idea of what it's like - or who just feels like listening to Steve Carlson - a a playlist on youtube]
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