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Robin was on a binge.

He'd had sex with a dozen or so different people in less than a week (some at the same time, of course). He'd been drinking like a fish. He'd spent an obscene amount of money on designer clothes, and a new watch. He'd even picked a few pockets just for the hell of it.

He'd known Prometheus was going to leave, of course. It was why he'd kept him at arm's length. It was why he'd ignored every sign that Prometheus had real feelings for him. Why he'd just pretended that things were like they always were, and it was fun and the sex was good and if there were feelings they weren't important. Including Robin's own. Which were certainly there.

And then he left, like Robin had known he would. At least he said goodbye this time, and he'd given Robin a way to contact him. And Robin had pretended that it was no big deal. And then he'd gone on a binge. He'd gone full puck.

Right this moment, he'd been kicked out of a bar. At least it wasn't one of his favorite bars. He stood outside, and brought a finger up to his lip, coming away with a smear of blood. Oh, the bloke who'd punched him had gotten in a good shot. Maybe Robin shouldn't have hit on his girlfriend right in front of him. He'd also said something about the man, but he couldn't remember exactly what.

He patted his pocket. He'd lost his keys. Or had he had them in the first place? Hmmmm. Maybe they were in other trousers. Had he left his trousers somewhere? Entirely possible.

In the meantime, his lip was bleeding and he should probably call a cab. Or wipe it off with a napkin in another bar, that was a lovely idea too.

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Far from it, Felix was practically on Robin's heels, all but herding the puck toward his apartment. Long, quick strides and a light touch on Robin's back, his hand hot even through clothing. He was already half hard, and walking normally was presenting a bit of a challenge.


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