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Victoria's seat by the café's window gave her a good view not only of the café and its various exits, but also the pavement outside. Later, in reviewing what had happened - some habits never died, whether there was a debrief required or not - she would decide the combination of the weighty bag worn across the man's body and the way he held his head under a brimmed cap to minimize exposure to the cameras dotting much of London that first caught her attention. Victoria raised the mug to her lips as she gazed out the window, taking in the man in an instant as her eyes moved on to the traffic beyond him. The face she remembered. He'd been barely more than a boy then, working for some... Italians, secondary players with a connection to last official target for Six. She'd only seen him once, through a scope during some early recon, and their paths hadn't crossed beyond that. She didn't even know his name, but she knew his type, and Victoria had little enough going on after the holidays it was worth looking into herself.


The contract specified the kill be public and from a distance, but the file from Il Bisturi had implied the target was cagey. She spent most of her days in public spaces, but with no rhyme or reason to where she would be when. Even her more regular haunts were hard to predict accurately. And the file said nothing about where she lived, so Vargas wasn't able to trail her from there. There was a square popular with buskers not far from where the mercs sent earlier had found her - the file was light on details of that encounter, and when Vargas had asked, he was ordered again to keep his distance - and lacking better ideas, he'd kept the area under video surveillance for the past week and a half waiting for the girl to show up, and she finally had. He'd had plenty of time to work out the best rooftops and upper floor empty office spaces overlooking the square, so once the target had set up her tiny folding table and put up her sign, it was a simple matter of letting himself into the corresponding building and into position.


The tarot had shown Em in spots all over the city so far this year, often in places she'd never been before, and it was unusual enough she'd done multiple readings trying to find out why. The images the cards showed her hadn't been very forthcoming though, and it had left her unsettled, but not knowing what else to do to prepare for whatever was coming. Without any real information, she hadn't shared her concerns with anyone, because what would she tell? I've got a bad feeling about this wasn't helpful, even from a precog.

Two women from Florence stopped for a reading, and were so thrilled to discover Em spoke Italian they hung around chatting about places they'd visited for awhile after she was finished with the cards. When they were ready to leave, she recommended a nearby coffee shop with excellent espresso, and stood watching until they were out of sight to make sure they didn't miss the first turn. She was about to sit again, when there was a loud crack and a sudden searing pain in her hip that made her crumple to the pavement.


Victoria headed toward the back of the café as though going to the ladies', but instead slipped out the backdoor and down the block so she could catch sight of the younger assassin before he was too far to follow. The office building he entered was, unlike many in the area, fully occupied, leaving the roof most likely, and by the time she got to the top, he had his Nemesis unpacked, assembled, and aimed down at the street below. She quickly crossed the space between the roof access door and his position, swinging her weighted handbag, which was as much a weapon as the knife in it or the guns tucked into her coat, into his head, "None of that then," just as he exhaled before taking the shot. He managed to pull the trigger, but neither had time to see if the shot hit true, as they scrambled for control.

[[Joint EP. Help Victoria deal with the assassin, or come to Em's rescue down on the street. ST/LT are always welcome.]]
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