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"What part of 'I want you in my office first thing' didn't you understand, Q?" M had asked, and Q had instantly known what sort of day it was going to be.

He'd arrived at work exactly six minutes late, which was bad enough. However, the fact that he'd gone right to his lab, rather than the main building, had only made matters that much worse. Having his lab in the old bunker was, in his opinion, for the best. It meant there was no need for sound proofing, and unlike the new office, it was safe from prying eyes. Security was his prime concern, but he also simply didn't like feeling as though he was in a glass box. The bunker was better. Old, sturdy, built to withstand mishaps and keep out anyone Q didn't want in.

However, when one was expected to be in the boss' office first thing and forgot, it meant that one would be even later than they otherwise might have been.

So his day had started with a scolding from an already irritated M, and had only gone downhill from there. Nine had managed to completely obliterate a perfectly good (and terribly expensive) boat, and ten, having nothing better to do with herself, had spent the majority of her day poking around the lab and attempting to pump information about Bond out of him. ...Only to follow up with an attempted seduction. To be fair, having ten practically pin him to his own desk while she purred in his ear hadn't been unpleasant. Truthfully it had been the highlight of his day. However, he had been in the middle of attempting to repair a new pair of video glasses at the time, and when he'd managed to find it in him to turn her down, they'd somehow wound up beneath the heel of her terribly attractive louboutins.

No doubt he'd be back in M's office the moment the older man received Q-branch's expense report that month.

Still, all of that paled in comparison to how his day had ended.

He'd taken the tube most of the way home, getting off a stop early to stop off at Tesco's. The cats were running low on food, and he was badly in need of some decent wine and overpriced cheese. 

It was a short walk, one so familiar that he didn't even bother to look up from his phone as he went- Which was, in retrospect, a mistake. He'd been in his own little world, so much so that it took him a beat longer than it should have to notice the knife against his side, and the man who was standing far too close behind him.

Well, wasn't that just perfect, he thought as the man shoved him against the wall. What a brilliant end to a brilliant day. He had mace in his bag, a knife as well, and as the man let the tip of the blade press against his neck, he tried to decide which to reach for. ...He certainly wasn't about to hand over his wallet after all. It had been a gift.

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Hex nodded, though he had absolutely no intention of talking to a therapist. It was just so soon. And he'd been frightened. He was fine. He'd be fine.

"Thanks for getting me here," he said, giving Q's knee a squeeze, then he got out. He was sickly pale and a sheen of cold sweat made him feel sticky. He knew Q would be watching and so he went inside and went through the greeting process. He wasn't bleeding or critical so he took a number and sat down.

And he pulled out his phone. The message to Danny sat there in limbo so he erased it and turned the phone back on, out of airplane mode, and he sent off a text.

Going out for a bit. You going to be home later?

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Danny was at the clinic, having his blood drawn, and it was nearly twenty minutes later when he finally replied.

Yes. Have a good night. We'll see which of us makes it home first I suppose.

He hoped it came off as playful as he hit send, and not like he was off out on the pull or something.

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