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Angelique hurried down the street, feeling like an alien in some low-budget production, played out in someone's dingy upper room -- one in which the wardrobe budget was particularly abysmal. Skinny blue jeans, a shirt (not even a blouse) that might have served as a cute short dress at any other time, and a loose dark cardigan over it all that covered up any shape Angelique might have had. Hair and makeup had been completely fired from the production, as well, affording only a messy queue of unruly black hair to frame a clean, not-quite-boyish face.

Angelique looked like a boy, and every step she took along the pavement felt just slightly wrong. Head down, eyes on the pavement, strangers seemed to jostle her at every turn, but she said nothing and avoided eye contact, no matter how often she stumbled.

The trouble with living one's life without labels and without limits was that even individuals who defied categorization had families, including a younger brother and sister who, at times, wanted to see the older sibling about whom their parents seemed to have forgotten. Supper in the city, perhaps every three or four months, was the most contact Angelique had with her siblings. And every time, she dressed like this, washed her face, and ignored her hair, just to keep them from asking any questions.

It wasn't long before she passed an organic makeup boutique, and came to a halt to stare in the window at the spring line of products. Surely just a lipstick would help erase this feeling of wrongness... but could she go inside, looking as she did now? Angelique watched the shop girls with their black outfits, perfect hair, and gorgeous faces, and envied how simple it all must be for them.

((OOC: Open post! Angelique looks much more masculine, and may or may not be easily recognized by people she already knows. Find her either being bumped around on the sidewalk, or staring in the window of the makeup shop, or anywhere else outdoors that makes sense!))
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