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He didn't like how familiar this was, the steady tap of his cane, the weight of sunglasses on his face. He hated how easily his body remembered it all. ...Though this time it was, at least, a little different. It was as if his magic had been prepared for this long before he had. As if it had known what would happen.

As he walked down the street, making his way to the cafe he still preferred to visit when he was writing, his magic offered him a shimmering image of the world around him. Less a vision, more a painting. Some details ignored to simplify the image, others done in almost photo realistic detail. So while he couldn't see the face of the woman who passed him on the left, his magic did show him a newspaper stand nearby. Specifically a tabloid with a headline speculating on his sudden vision loss being tied to drug abuse.

Usually that would have annoyed him, but today he found he didn't care. He'd take being blind over being hunted any day, and the press could think whatever they liked. 

When he reached the cafe he instinctively reached for the door, only to have someone open if for him.

"Oh, thank you," he said, trying to make his magic focus on the face of the person in question.
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