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Winter's potion was, for the most part, a reliable thing these days. He took it first thing in the morning, topped up around noon, and had a drip or two more before midnight if he wasn't headed home yet. Without those extra drops, however, it usually wore off just after midnight- About fifteen minutes after, to be more precise. So, when it hadn't worn off after midnight two days ago, Winter had been, understandably, concerned. Enough so that he'd not taken it since.

Two days, no potion, and he was still... Mortal size. He could make himself shrink, force himself small. All his powers seemed fine and his wings were as sharp and sure as ever, he just... Didn't seem to be pixie sized anymore. And while a younger Winter would have thought that was great, adult Winter had concerns. This just wasn't normal. ...Something inside him was changing. He was changing.

...He couldn't help but worry he was becoming that vision of himself he'd seen in his reflection. The tall and lean creature, with wild eyes and sharp bones. He knew he needed to tell someone, that doing nothing definitely wasn't a solution- He just wasn't sure who to go to anymore. Everyone seemed to have their own problems at the moment, and Winter didn't want to add his own to anyone's pile.

Sitting outside Starbucks, sipping a unicorn inspired drink that was too sweet even for the pixie, Winter looked very grown up and painfully normal in his black jumper and fitted jeans. His wild hair had curled itself into a fairly tame looking style, and was currently a very drab shade of ginger and brown. Taking another sip of his drink, he wrinkled his nose and pushed the cup away- Only to pull it back towards him a few moments later for another sip.

"Gross," he muttered, nose wrinkling again, as though he'd forgotten just how bad it was- Or, maybe, convinced himself to give it just one more go.

Date: 2017-04-27 02:25 am (UTC)
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Curnen had met Winter only a little before his growth spurts had begun, and for that they were jarring and inexplicable. She'd only just met the little guy who'd been barely more than a child when he'd shot up almost six inches. Now he towered over her standing, and he was far more subdued than he used to be. But well. She knew what a break in a family could do to a heart. If that was where this came from.

"Then don't drink it," Curnen said as she rested her chin atop his head, having approached from behind. It was fun being tall, for a little while. "Pretty sure that thing'll poison you anyway. Nothing that pink should go in a body."

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Pippa had stepped out today to do a bit of shopping. She had a few bags dangling from her wrist that complimented the smart jumper and slim slacks she had on. Her hair was done up and she wore sunglasses to beat away the bright sunshine. She could smell the coffee at the Starbucks and decided she needed something sweet and hot, but she spied Winter and stopped to say hello.

"Is that one of the unicorn drinks? It looks frightening," she said instead of a standard hello.

Date: 2017-04-30 07:41 pm (UTC)
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Typically, Felix abhorred Starbucks. He objected to nearly everything about it, and the latest travesty of sugar and whipped cream most of all. However, his assignment had brought him to a part of the city where it seemed to be his only option if he wanted an iced coffee. Which he did.

Felix pulled his phone from his jacket pocket, summoning the voice control. "Siri, find the nearest coffee shop that isn't controlled by corporate machinations.... Winter?" he interrupted himself suddenly. The phone was ignored, trailing a plaintive electronic voice insisting it didn't know how to answer his question as Felix dropped it back into his pocket.

The wizard tilted his head curiously, not certain he'd been correct. "Or is it?"


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