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Pippa worked when she saw fit. Not every case that came to her was one she took. Sometimes she needed the money so she'd take a jilted lover or a runaway teen, but mostly she kept her time free for cases that interested her. This week she'd gotten a juicy case. Vampires abducting young men and women. Of course anything with vampires intrigued her. She'd set about tracking down the nest that was central to the location of the abductions.

She also had her contacts. She'd touched base with a few of them to pump them for information. Something in the back of her mind told her she should contact Eric. He'd be of use. And she needed to use every resource available.

She hadn't made contact with him, though. She'd simply turned up at the Blood Diamond in a slinky amethyst dress and high heels, her hair done up so her neck was at its most tempting. She'd turned away a few offers. The vamps had been lovely, but not who she was trolling for. She spent most of the night at the bar, her fae blood singing to the creatures around her.

As the night dragged on she became disheartened she wasn't going to make contact. She left her wine on the bar and stepped outside for a cigarette. She pulled her black velvet shawl around her shoulders, the skin tight dress doing nothing to keep her warm on this chill spring night. Out here in the dark she let her magic waft off her gently, perfuming the air like bait. Pip took a drag and kept a watchful eye out for the vampires that met her description of the brood she was looking for. As the night dragged on past midnight she started to lose hope.

She pulled out anothe rcigarette, but this time she fumbled her lighter and it clattered to the ground.

"Bollocks," she sighed, her sweet perfume all around her like night blooming jasmine and wisteria.

She bent gracefully in her cocktail dress to pick it up and saw the shoes of a person before her.

"Clumsy me," she said lightly. Then she looked up to meet those eyes. "Oh, hello."

(find her in the Blood Diamond or outside smoking. Open to everyone forever)
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Gavril wasn't a stranger to the supernatural scene in London, though he had to admit that he wasn't particularly involved in it. He tended to have a live and let live attitude with the other factions and pseudofactions of the supernatural underworld or whatever you wanted to call it. But that meant he usually steered clear of any place he either knew or suspected to be a hangout for other kinds.

That being said, it helped to keep tabs on people, and Gavril sort of wanted to make sure everything was on the up and up, especially when it came to certain groups like vampires. Generally, he knew the clues to look for; vampires were notoriously cliched at times, and the Blood Diamond was no different.

Who he saw outside, though, was a bit of a surprise. He'd been about to get her lighter for her when she went to pick it up herself, and then looked up to see him.

Gavril cleaned up nicely but rarely truly 'cleaned up.' He almost always sported a rugged sort of half-beard, half-stubble look that he'd cultivated out of a mix of trying and being lazy. His clothes, however, were nicer; his suit was crisp and clean and, while it wasn't anything particularly fancy, it was still a suit, and the nicest thing he owned outside of his pub.

"Fancy meeting you here," he chuckled to her. He remembered her, of course. How could he forget?
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Eric had been out, although he had been told about the gorgeous Fae at his club. He'd trusted his security to handle things if they got out of hand, but he'd also made it back as soon as he was able.

So here he was, utterly unsurprised at who the Fae turned out to be. "Pippa," he greeted her neutrally, hands in the pockets of his suit pants.
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Bonnie hadn’t been planning on going anywhere near the Blood Diamond. She didn’t have any happy memories associated with the place. It was where she had died, and also, Eric was a dick. She’d been planning to cross the road and give it a wide berth, but then she caught a whiff of what must have been the most delicious thing she’d ever smelt in her life, and she headed towards it instead.

It wasn’t like she was going to eat the person the scent belonged to. Because that would be wrong. She was just going to… smell them. Right.

And so she ended up standing on the pavement in front of Pippa.

“Uh,” she said, in response to the greeting. She wasn’t usually so caught off balance by people talking to her, but this one smelt so good she could barely think straight. “Hi."
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There was only one reason Manuel ever went to the Blood Diamond: to see Eric. So when he came back out into the main area of the bar afterwards, he was high as a kite on vampire blood. He made his way across the room slowly, pausing every so often to admire whatever amazing thing had grabbed his attention. He kept getting in people’s way, but he didn’t care. Eventually he reached the bar and caught Pippa’s scent. It was soft and gentle, and he seemed to feel it all through his body all at once.

“Hi,” he said to her. “You smell really nice."