Date: 2017-05-07 12:33 am (UTC)
yves: (side view)
From: [personal profile] yves
He'd felt the portal in his basement open, even from several blocks away. Yves was sensitive like that, at least when it came to his home. What he couldn't sense, however, was anyone nearby who could have opened it- Which was, honestly, a tad concerning.

If no one here had opened it, that meant either some idiot had opened several portals at once somewhere else- Or, worse, someone on the other side had opened it.

Scowling, Yves had set off back to his home, stalking down the sidewalk- and then stopping abruptly in the street.

Across the way he could see a faint shimmer in the air- Something most mortals wouldn't pick up on, but anyone with a nose for magic would spot instantly. It was like a glimmer of sunlight dancing across the clearest pool of water, but it was gone in an instant. Another portal, to another place. A portal he'd never noticed or felt before. A sweet scent drifted from it, cloying almost, and the fae's frown relaxed slightly as interest won out over annoyance and he made his way closer. Reaching out, he could feel the portal had shut, but a glance at his feet showed a faint trail of something almost like water and footprints.

"Well, that's probably not good," he muttered.
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