Date: 2017-05-07 12:43 am (UTC)
pecked_by_birds: (far too close)
If you knew where to look, and Prometheus very much did, you'd find portals all over London. Portals to different times, different worlds... All tightly sealed, all hidden carefully. After all, portals were dangerous things, and thankfully hard to craft. Sure, some occurred naturally, but most were created by people with a need- Clever people, usually. The sort of people who had the sense to put them in safe and secret places- And to seal them up with pretty little magic locks.

But any portal could be opened if you tried hard enough- And if you were dumb enough, you could open several at once with brute force. ...But oh, you'd have to be so very stupid to do such a thing. A proper moron.

So when Prometheus had found the portal behind his shop wide open and pulsing, he'd known exactly which moron was to blame.

"Epimetheus," he growled. "That stupid, arrogant little... twat."

A very plump looking octopus wearing a tophat and tails began to slink through, and Prometheus towered over him, practically snarling as he spoke.

"Absolutely not. No. GO. HOME," he growled, causing the cephalopod's tentacles to curl, and a tiny bit of ink to escape, as it shuffled back to where it had come from. The titan was not in the mood for whatever nonsense might be lurking on the other side. Not now, not when his twin was out there making yet another mess.
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