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Faizel had spent the last week with his mother, off in the dark woods of The Other Side. He'd returned to London with a soft glow to his appearance that came from being among his own, and surrounded by the magic that made up half of who and what he was. Spending time with his mother was never a relaxing experience, upon his arrival she'd told him he 'reeked of mankind's mess', but he couldn't deny that being back on The Other Side had a way of soothing him. All that magic and power just floating around- It was calming somehow.

He was dressed in soft beige, a long tunic looking top over some wider legged trousers, with fine gold detailing on the collar and the hem. Over his shoulder a new bag hung, a gift from his mother. It looked like leather, snake maybe, but the scales were larger and the colours were like nothing of this world- Rich greens that flickered purple in some light. As always, it was stuffed with things like books and papers, as well as his laptop- But strapped to the top of it, secured tightly but within reach, was his wand. Something most might write off as a decoration, a powerful weapon hidden in plain sight.

He hadn't meant to attend a food festival today, but when the rich aroma had hit him on his way by, he'd found himself wandering closer. ...Half an hour later and he was still wandering from truck to truck, keeping an eye out for vegetarian options. Passing one truck, a man put a toothpick in his hand before he could object, leaving him staring at a bit of chicken on a stick, unsure of what to do with it.
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