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Date: 2017-06-05 07:04 am (UTC)
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Pip had a certain intuition when it came to Fin. She always had had it and to her it was as natural as breathing. It wasn't as if she knew where he was, or anything like that. But she knew within ten minutes when he'd be knocking on her door. She knew when he was in danger by some sickening twist of her gut she'd learned not to dismiss.

And of late, with him gone, she'd been a bit of a mess, really. A bit, because for the first time in as long as she could recall she'd had no intuition about him at all. It was a void where once there had been something. Though she couldn't name it or even describe it with any sense it had been there...and then it was gone.

But today she'd woken up and it was back. Back with a bang. She knew Fin wasn't in danger, that felt different. But she knew something was afoot.

She'd set out at once, trusting to fate. Well, fate and a bit of simply knowing Fin. She got into a cab and paid him to drive round. Round and round til things just felt right. The fare had been hefty but she wasn't fussed. She simply paid it and got out and began to walk. Into shops, into cafes, into an office building. And then she walked into a shop where a girl was on her mobile, showing photos to her mate.

"It was really him! I tweeted it right off. And he did a snapchat with me, too. Lovely. What the papers say is all wrong."

"Can I see?" Pippa asked, all wide eyed innocence.

"Here! Look!" the shop girl said excitedly, showing Pip a face she'd been desperate to see for a week now.

"Bang on," she grinned. "Where did he go?"

"That way. Probably the tube," the girl shrugged. And Pip left, turning to follow her nose. The tube was likely, but something told her as she walked past the bar she should go in. Her gut. Just intuition.

And there she saw her baby brother against the bar. Pippa let go a breath of relief and walked in, her Jimmy Choos clocking across the hardwood floor.

"Buy a girl a drink?" she asked, as if they might be long lost lovers instead of the closest siblings.
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