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The weather this weekend wasn't worth getting excited over, but it was fair enough to justify some time out and about. Stores were packed with new stock, cafes were brimming with life, and as always, London herself was buzzing with activity.

In South London Pop Brixton was celebrating its second birthday, offering up DJs and live performances, along side plenty of food and drink vendors. Though if your mouth's watering and that's a tube trip too far, you could always head on over to Westfield Shepherd's Bush, where you'd find a fun food truck festival. For those looking to fill up with girl power rather than pudding, you could always head over to the Powerpuff Girls pop up shop. As always, there was no shortage of things to do this weekend.

The news was still packed with election chatter, and talk of the concert for Manchester, but if you took a peek at twitter, you might find a little conspiracy brewing all about one Finlay Flynn- Who's management was currently fighting rumors about his disappearance. Little theories kept popping up, showing how his twitter feed seemed slightly off, or how filming for his BBC 3 show had been suspiciously delayed. There were youtube videos discussing it, threads on various online forums, all chattering about how the actor who was so often spotted on the tube or in pubs was suddenly absent. A silly little bit of internet crazy for most- But an unsettling reminder of his absence to those in the know.

Still, London stopped for nobody, and the city was in full bloom, just as it was every weekend.

(OTA! As always the GP will be open for at least a week, so tag in, tag others, and check back often!)

Date: 2017-06-04 02:02 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] faizel
Faizel had spent the last week with his mother, off in the dark woods of The Other Side. He'd returned to London with a soft glow to his appearance that came from being among his own, and surrounded by the magic that made up half of who and what he was. Spending time with his mother was never a relaxing experience, upon his arrival she'd told him he 'reeked of mankind's mess', but he couldn't deny that being back on The Other Side had a way of soothing him. All that magic and power just floating around- It was calming somehow.

He was dressed in soft beige, a long tunic looking top over some wider legged trousers, with fine gold detailing on the collar and the hem. Over his shoulder a new bag hung, a gift from his mother. It looked like leather, snake maybe, but the scales were larger and the colours were like nothing of this world- Rich greens that flickered purple in some light. As always, it was stuffed with things like books and papers, as well as his laptop- But strapped to the top of it, secured tightly but within reach, was his wand. Something most might write off as a decoration, a powerful weapon hidden in plain sight.

He hadn't meant to attend a food festival today, but when the rich aroma had hit him on his way by, he'd found himself wandering closer. ...Half an hour later and he was still wandering from truck to truck, keeping an eye out for vegetarian options. Passing one truck, a man put a toothpick in his hand before he could object, leaving him staring at a bit of chicken on a stick, unsure of what to do with it.

Timed to Wednesday night

Date: 2017-06-05 01:02 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] finlay_flynn
Pulsing- Pulsing light, pulsing sound, like being chained to the floor of London's shittiest night club with a bag over his head. Everything muffled and distorted from being too loud. That's all he remembered. He'd been walking home- No, running home, winding and dashing... Then he'd been somewhere else. Like a dream he couldn't wake up from.

...And then, just like that, he'd been back.

The alley reeked of booze and piss, and Fin's head was pounding as he slowly sat up. It was late and dark, but somehow everything felt too bright and loud. Ducking his head, he covered his ears with his hands and took slow breaths, only now realizing he was shirtless. What he couldn't see, however, was the large tattoo that now covered most of his back, a series of runes and symbols woven into pretty circles that spiralled outwards.

One more deep breath, and the world seemed to calm again, no longer an overstimulating mess of colour and noise. Like this he could focus, and Finlay pulled himself to his feet, patting himself down to find a broken phone, a crushed pack of cigarettes, and a very beaten up looking wallet.

Emerging from the alley, the actor forced himself to find that charming smile of his, and turned it on the first person to pass by.

"Sorry, mate, sorry, I know I look a mess, but- Well, my mates think they're hilarious..."

He wove a story about a drunk night out with the lads, and though the man had seemed startled at first, he was laughing by the end, accepting Fin's offer to buy his coat and offering a good prank for him to pull in return.

Covered enough to face the public, Finlay headed off to the nearest department store, smiling at the clerk and promising to let her get a selfie if she'd let him buy a new outfit and freshen up first. The young fae was oblivious to all the internet buzz currently going on, but it worked in his favour, and the young woman was more than willing to bend the rules for him if it meant getting a bit of attention for herself.

When he emerged from the shop he looked as if nothing had happened. A quick wash and new clothes, and Fin was as good as new- On the outside at least. Inside he was buzzing. A nervous wreck with a head that couldn't seem to stay on straight. A heavy fog hung over his brain, and while he knew he ought to head right home, he found himself walking towards the pub. A drink... A drink would fix this. Then maybe one more...

Four shots later and Fin was leaning hard against the bar, drunk and warm and- Confused. Like he was lost in his own head.

Date: 2017-06-05 04:07 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] willysilver
It was Saturday morning and the week was wearing on Willy. That was putting it kindly. As he walked the streets it was clear he had not slept, perhaps for many days. His hair was unkempt and his emerald eyes weary, but he walked. For many days now he had been looking for Fin. There was something within him that felt stretched, drawn tight. It pulled uncomfortably as if a thread bound them across great distance, but Will had no luck getting any closer, had no luck making that tension lessen.

The last time he was apart from Fin he faded. Shadow had crept into him and made him a ghost of himself. This was...not the same. This time he was driven to find Fin.

He had spent time on the Other Side searching, but that only made the tension grow stronger. So he had returned to London and stalked the streets. Every person who seemed to be a familiar face he questioned, anyone who was looking at one of the papers that told a lurid story about Fin's sudden disappearance got interrogated.

And then he saw someone he hoped beyond hope would have some kind of answer.

Hair wild and eyes wide, Will stopped abruptly and said in a frantic voice,

"Have you seen Finlay?"

Date: 2017-06-09 01:39 am (UTC)
london_spy: (talk)
From: [personal profile] london_spy
Danny was, at home at least, the picture of level headed lately. When Hex had told him about his desire to remain intimate with Fin, Danny had been understanding- Supportive, even. After all, should his illness take him one day, he wanted Hex to be happy and loved. He wanted him to live a full and rich life- And even now, have the things Danny knew they couldn't have together. Their sex life was rich and full, sure, but some things were off limits. They had to be.

Still, no matter how practical or understanding he was about it all, that didn't mean it didn't eat at him a bit. Didn't stop him from rolling his eyes every time Fin's name popped up as a hashtag on Twitter this week. ...And it definitely didn't stop him from going out that evening to blow off some steam.

He was doing his best not to over indulge, but he'd had a few lines by the time he hit the dance floor, and he wasn't anything less than eager when one of his dance partners gestured for him to follow him into the loo for another bump. No, Danny was perfectly happy to do a few more. By midnight he was starting to look a bit strung out, and he hung about outside watching the crowd while indulging in a smoke. He was antsy, shifting his weight from foot to foot, and though he didn't mean to do it, he looked like he was on the pull. ...Hell, maybe he was.

Danny just had a way about him that whispered, 'take me home'. He always had. Love had never been easy to find, but a shag? He'd never gone without that unless he decided he wasn't looking. Even now, older, thinner, tweaked out- Danny could pull without even trying. Though as his lighter failed to produce a spark, a shag wasn't what he was after when he stopped the next person walking by.

"Sorry, do you have a light?" he asked.


Date: 2017-06-10 02:21 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] wandandawolf
Brixton sort of just moved around him. The people were out and about on a Saturday afternoon: there was some sort of pop concert a few blocks away that was clearly audible, and the smells of food and drink were so pungent that Remus could practically taste each and every flavour on his tongue.

Still, he was calm, or trying to be calm, for all that his senses were too alert, his stomach growling, his body too needy and his skin too tight. The oncoming full moon moved through him like the crest of a wave, but he refused to acknowledge it. Instead, he would be remain fixed, he would remain still, and he would sit at a streetside table sipping from his tea and let the colour and energy of the town break against his resolute constancy.

Besides, Felix was due to join him later that afternoon, so Remus whiled away the time thumbing from a well-read paperback of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.


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