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Vacation with Phouka back with his kin had been grand. The grandest. The most grandy-grand anything could ever be. However, Winter was pleased to be back in London. He'd spent most of his time around his kin walking on eggshells, terrified he might infect them all with his new mortal sensibilities. They didn't need that, they had pure joy, and deserved to hold onto it forever and ever. Here among the mortals, however, Winter was free to have as many existential crises as a pixie could possibly have.

And gosh, had he ever been having them.

There was the matter of death and dying, which crept up on the pixie often, leaving him wide-eyed on the sofa in the middle of the night very quietly weeping over those he'd lost, and those he'd inevitably lose eventually. This was always followed by fear of his own death, where the pixie would pour over his phone looking up all the ways his body could fail him if it ever got too mortal- And all the ways it could be destroyed by mortals, many of whom seemed prone to that sort of thing.

The pixie worried about money, the pixie worried about abandonment. The pixie worried about the current political climate, and if a nuclear war could end him. He worried about his friends, he worried about Phouka. ...He worried until he felt sick, then did what any sensible pixie would do- He ate pizza and watched telly to make his brain shut up for a while. Still, pizza and cartoons could only do so much, and while he had considered living the rest of his life on the sofa, that nagging feeling of wasting precious time (that was constantly being taken away from him every time the clock ticked) was enough to nudge him out of the tree house for a bit.

He'd spent the morning busking (without charming anyone for a change), and was trying to decide if he should buy pizza or actual groceries when he felt a sudden chill. It was familiar, too familiar. That feeling of being watched- Watched in a way that made him want to curl up in a corner and wrap his wings around himself.

He felt eyes on him, and when he turned on the sidewalk to see who it was, it was as if his heart had stopped.

Aspid looked younger than Winter had ever known him to be, but the pixie knew those eyes. He'd know them anywhere. They haunted his dreams even now, after all this time. They were etched into his skull, where he knew they'd remain forever.

"You're not here," the pixie said softly. "You're not here, it's a trick- You're not here, Aspid."

Aspid said nothing, he only moved closer. Winter wanted to run, but he found himself stone still, taking in the short brown locks that he'd always known to be white and stringy, and the short cropped beard that was nothing like the wiry stubble the wizard had so often sported.

"I am though. I'm right here, Winter. Look at me- Touch me, if you like," the wizard offered. The suggestion alone made the pixie recoil.

Aspid moved closer, and Winter- Winter was lost. In that moment he was nothing more than a child. A tiny creature, helpless and lost, and when Aspid gently caught hold of his arm, the pixie whimpered.

"No, I don't want to go back. Please, don't make me go back," he whispered.

"I'm not making you do anything, Winter. You'll come back, because you want to come back," Aspid assured him, giving his arm a light tug, and smiling when the pixxie seemed to let himself be pulled closer.
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