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So far his leads and contacts hadn't gotten him any closer to finding Hotch, but Spencer wasn't ready to give up just yet. ...Besides, London was, honestly, a nice change of pace. He missed work, missed his team, but while none of his contacts had gotten him closer to Hotch, one had gotten him work as a criminal psychologist consultant for Scotland yard. The work wasn't steady, but it was something. That, paired with the generosity of a friend who had offered him his flat while he was teaching abroad meant money wasn't as tight as it could have been. For now, he could make this work.

He'd never been a big spender anyway, and so today, with no work on his plate, Spencer was at the library. Settled into a corner near the back, he sat with a stack of books on his left and another on his lap, reading at a slightly slower pace than he might when reading for a case. Though it was still remarkably quick. Spencer devoured text the way a starving man might devour a three course meal, savouring only the best bits and filling himself up swiftly with the rest in an attempt to fight off pangs of hunger.

(OTA: Find Spencer in the library, reading. Or, catch him outside once the library closes. :D Late tags and slow tags welcome.)

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Robin had little cause to be at the library, typically, but right now he was looking for a book - a very specific book, one he'd been told had been donated in error. An old book. One that had some etchings that looked an awful lot like Robin, and Robin always liked to be aware of how he and his brethren were portrayed in historical records.

He looked through the stacks, and eventually found an empty spot where the book would be, according to the card catalog. So he looked around at the patrons nearby, settling on a large stack of books in front of a tall, thin man pouring through one of them. Ignoring the man, Robin began to pick up the books one by one and check the titles.

Date: 2017-08-08 11:07 pm (UTC)
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In her quest to find out more about her people, her power, and herself, Pippa had taken to visiting the libraries of the city. She'd not yet been in this one, but they seemed to have a rather good selection. She'd pulled out a few books with titles that seemed more fantasy and folklore than anything concrete, but she knew that she could find bits and pieces that would come together in the patchwork of information that was painting a broader picture.

She carried her small stack to the back where a man sat engrossed, his hair falling into his face a bit. Not wanting to be rude, she said nothing as she sat down in the next seat over. She carefully balanced her books on the arm of the chair and began to flip to the table of contents of the first book.

But then gravity took over and her books toppled off the edge and knocked a stack of his over as well, leaving a jumbled mess.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry," Pip said, though it was tight. She really wasn't used to apologizing for much in life.


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