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Kersen woke to the feeling of the skin on his fingers sizzling slightly. He blinked, and then yanked his hand towards his body, underneath the tarp that was covering him. He could see a sliver of sunlight under the edge of the tarp, and let out a string of curse words in a few different languages.

How he had gotten into this position... was not something he really wanted to think about right now. More important was how to get himself out of it. As the sun got higher, the tarp would get hotter. Waiting it out was not a good idea. He also had blood on him (some his, some not), and he was hungry. All of these things were the makings of a bad situation.

And of course, he didn't have a phone. He'd dropped it somewhere outside the tarp. His best shot was to try to... make a run for it. He wasn't even totally sure where he was, but he thought he was near a building. Alley in between some stores. He opened up the tarp enough to try to get a glimpse of the outside without letting in too much sunlight. That was a bad idea. He let out a cry of pain as his hair briefly caught on fire, and he shoved the tarp back down and patted it out, panting.

About ten minutes later, he had a semblance of a plan, and decided that he needed to just gather his courage and do it.

And five minutes after that (after crawling somewhat aimlessly across the gravel with a tarp on top of him), he felt the bottom of a door against a wall, got to his feet, found the doorknob as he felt the back of his hair starting to sizzle again as it peeked out from the tarp. Then he tumbled inside, trying to keep the tarp wrapped around him.

[OOC: Someone could wander by the outside and see him, or could be inside wherever he's ended up!]
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Danny nearly jumped out of his skin when someone came tumbling through the door. After all, the reason this place had once been such a good squat boiled down to the fact that it was such an odd and narrow building that it often went unnoticed. Now it was in the process of being done up as a community centre of sorts, the property bought up by Danny and a few others who he'd met at various support group meetings. Together they intended to make it a safe space for meetings, and perhaps even a hostel for those who needed a place to stay. Though at the moment it was just a recently scrubbed room with half painted walls.

"What the fuck, mate?" Danny gasped, still holding his paintbrush in one hand, but reaching for his pocket knife with the other, just in case.
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"Oh, it's you," Danny realized, relaxing a little as he recognized Kersen from their last encounter. "Don't take this the wrong way, but you look like shit, mate."
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"Here, let's get you washed up," he offered gently. "Tiles not in yet, but the plumbing's sorted in the bathroom. ...I've got spare clothes, nothing posh, just joggers I was going to change into when I was done painting. Think you might need them more."

He didn't ask what had happened, best to get the other bloke cleaned up and seen to first.
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Danny seemed unsure, but eventually shrugged and did as the other man asked.

"It's, ah, nothing yet. It's going to be a place for meetings and things though. Like a community centre, but private-like. ...Sort of. We're still figuring out the details. The finance guy in our group reckons we should set it up as, like, a halfway home sort of thing, but..." He trailed off, then shrugged again. "What the hell happened to you? You get mugged? I can ring the police if you need."

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"Sure. ...Sure, yeah, but you're still welcome to wash up and borrow some clothes," Danny offered.

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"...Sure," Danny replied, looking a bit uneasy now and hesitating as he fished his phone out of his pocket. "Look if something's wrong, if you're hurt or you're in danger, I can help," he said softly.

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Silent, Danny watched, visibly concerned, but not about to keep pushing when his help had already been refused.
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"Yeah, of course, come on," Danny said gently, leading the way up a narrow set of steps. Upstairs was a bit more put together, the walls painted and a few beds already in. They were nothing special, cots really, but they were clean and made. The bathroom floor was unfinished still, but there was a shower and a toilet and sink.

"Sorry, like I said, no tile. It's not going in until next week. Mind yourself on the plywood or whatever that is. Might get splinters. ...Dunno if there's towels yet either. Might have to dry yourself with a bed sheet or something. ...I can sort those clothes out though."

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Danny left him to it, leaving the bag of clothes and a fluffy blanket by the door. It was the best he could manage, given how unprepared he'd been.

Heading back downstairs, he fidgeted a bit before ordering a pizza. He had no idea what Kersen had been through, but he likely needed to eat.

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"Yeah? Good. ...Good. I, uh, I ordered some lunch for us. should be here in a few. Sorry there's not anywhere to sit really. I can grab some pillows from upstairs though if you like," Danny offered.

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"You're not going to shock me," Danny assured him, his tone gentle. "Whatever happened, whatever's wrong... Trust me, I've seen and heard madder."
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Danny held Kersen's gaze, starting with what something that could be learned from a decent amount of googling.

"My last boyfriend was a spook, and I know for a fact that he was murdered by his own people to prevent his research from ever being released."

Then he moved onto the ungoogleable.

"My current boyfriend claims to have travelled through time and space, and after an encounter with an unsettling government agent, I'm inclined to believe him."

He was still holding Kersen's gaze, but eventually shrugged. "Whatever it is, I'm open to hearing it out, or mad enough that it doesn't matter if you tell me, since no one will believe me if I try and pass it on."

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Danny seemed to study Kersen then. Not because he didn't believe him, but because he was trying to figure out if he was a "vampire" or a vampire.

"Explains the burning smell," he said finally.

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