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It was happening more often now. The air shivered with the dark magic that was flowing more and more freely through London, leaving all it touched with a feeling of unease, and promising nasty nightmares and troubles to all who felt it in their bones.

Tonight dark creatures came slithering out of the sewers. Ghosts of the dead with cruel hearts, shadows of villains and wicked souls... They were welcomed into London with open arms, appearing and vanishing, and causing pain wherever they wandered.

Tonight the people of london caught a glimpse of the danger coming. A danger that was making itself more and more known as the year continued on.

(OTA! Wild magic is back, though it doesn't have to be evil, it can just be pestering or annoying if you'd rather this time around. You are only limited by your imagination (and what you care to make your pups suffer through). The only thing of note is that for those who are sensitive to magic, it will seem even stronger than the last time.)

Date: 2017-08-28 03:12 am (UTC)
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The magic had surged again, aimless and unpredictable, pressing and nudging against the cracks of London to find its way inside. Without knowing the source, the direction of the incursion, the Cabal could only do so much. The Virtu, the enormous blue jewel suspended beneath the Mirador building, stayed steady and strong. It protected all of England -- that was what the Cabalines had taught Felix since he first came to them. But how and from what?

At least he no longer had to argue it with them. Every Cabaline wizard felt the pressure of the wild magic now.

Felix had done all he could at the Mirador, but he did not recall how he got out onto the street. He could have called a car, or called Shannon, or done anything but wander off into London at night. He'd never felt so utterly drained, and now... was that a trace of pale green light bleeding off his fingertips?

Felix had only an instant to blink at the sight because before claimed him completely, and he slumped over on his feet, directly into the path of another pedestrian.

Date: 2017-08-30 03:37 am (UTC)
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Hex was off work. It was so bloody nice working for MI6 and not having to take on the long bloody shifts anymore. He liked being a medic, liked being a nurse, but this steady shift with a steady time of clocking out was a wonderful thing.

He was walking to the tube when the ir felt weird. He wasn't too keen on magic, even after being around Fin and all. He just didn't notice. But at the top of the stairs for the stop he looked down and there were bodies. Bodies upon bodies stacked like cord wood and falling in upon the gap. It was just like on Colony 34 and Hex could see them, he could smell them. It was horrifying.

And then it was gone.

Just a vision, he thought. Just one of those odd things. But he couldn't bring himself to go down there...just in case.

Instead, he stood on the curb to call an Uber and wait. Things in London were getting weirder and weirder and it seemed like no one noticed.


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