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Newt sat on a bench in the park across from the building that housed the small flat that the Ministry had provided for him. He held his suitcase on his lap, still wary about having it out of his sight for even a moment. This was a step for him, being out in the world at all. Since he had arrived here a few weeks ago from 1927, everything was simply too much. Too much noise, too much crowd, too much that was unrecognizable, unexplainable...

Sometimes he'd felt as if the world was not all that welcoming to him at the best of times, and now he felt like even more of an outsider. He was an alien here. And not only this, but the shock of going to the Ministry for help and discovering that everyone knew who he was. There was a portrait of him there. A first edition of his book under glass.

He watched a squirrel scurry up a tree. Once safely on a branch, it paused and looked over at him. He offered a little wave.

The latch on his suitcase popped open.

"Quiet down, Dougal," he said gently as he closed the clasp again. "I am not letting you out, not here. If you thought New York was a different world, you've no idea what you might encounter in this place."

The latch popped open again, almost violently this time, and Newt practically flattened himself against the case to make sure it stayed closed, then glanced up and around him frantically, as if afraid he might be caught doing something bad.

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Pippa was out shopping a bit, gathering things for Ichabod. Some new litter, a new stone, and some Halloween decor for his tank so he could feel festive, too. She had her bag and was cutting through the park to get to her tube stop when she saw the curious man launch himself onto his case. Something about him made her tingle. It wasn't the same supernatural sensation she got from Akeem. It was much more like Felix. She stopped and looked at him for a long moment. Odd clothes. Strange magic...

"Are you alright?" she blurted.

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Shannon didn't talk to strangers on benches, particularly ones that looked homeless or just plain weird. This one fell into the latter category, but there was something about him that screamed that he was in desperate need of a kind word. And a wardrobe update.

Shannon approached cautiously, offering the man a gentle smile. "Mind if I join you?" he asked.

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Angelique paused on her stroll as the gentleman on the bench seemed to be having an issue with his case. She was, in a remarkable bit of coincidence, wearing a blue drop-waist dress she'd made based on a vintage pattern from the late 1920s, with her dark hair curled up in a stylish chignon. Anachronistically, however, she carried a very large white cup with a green logo stamped on the side, full of coffee.

"Do you need a hand?" she offered, catching the ginger fellow's eye. Oh dear. He was adorable.


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