Nov. 1st, 2014 12:23 pm
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It wasn’t a big deal, Henry had insisted on it at least a dozen times. He was doing this because the Sanctuary needed his help. Their security had taken a beating and he was the person best suited to the job. That didn’t change the sad look in Magnus’ eyes, a look he’d seen too often as of late. But there wasn’t any judgement when she’d told him to go and do what needed to be done. Even if he was positive that what he needed was to get away for a while.

It still felt like running away to Henry, and he was sure Helen knew it. The Big Guy had said as much, growling his displeasure and then avoiding him until his departure. That had hurt even more than the way Magnus had looked at him in understanding. He wanted to explain to all of them that he needed this, that maybe they all needed this. It was difficult, there were ghosts in every corridor and he couldn’t deal with them yet. Maybe it was running away, but in order to deal with everything that happened, that was what he had to do.

Which led him here, London. A new city and a new Sanctuary. The systems were barely functioning and he’d spent the first week with his head down, ignoring everyone and everything that wasn’t the security system. He barely even noticed days turning into night, and if it hadn’t been for Declan telling him to take a day off he’d likely still be in the lab.

It's Halloween and a Friday night, he's realised too late, the streets filled with drunken people going from pub to party, some in costume, some not. He didn't think Halloween was a big deal here, but everyone seemed to like an excuse for a party.

The city wasn’t what he’d expected, though he wasn’t quite sure what he had been expecting. It was busy, busier than Vancouver and what he was used to. It was much larger, so that shouldn’t have been that surprising. He just hadn’t been prepared for the reality, he thought as someone pushed past him on the street.

“Watch it,” he mumbled, the person already vanished into the moving throng.

“Whatever. It doesn’t matter,” he muttered to himself. He believed it too, until he went for his wallet to pay for a sandwich and a can of coke.

“Dammit.” Henry swore, and shook his head at the salesgirl, stepping out of line of people already agitating for him to move. “I ah- Sorry. I’ll have to come back.”
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The body hadn't been hidden, it hadn't been concealed or covered- In fact it had been left on display, like some kind of morbid art piece or decaying statue. The man's arms were bound above him- Not stretched high, only slightly above his head and out to the sides. He was posed on the stage like a puppet who's master had taken a break.

What stood out most, however, was the lack of his head. The nudity was startling, and the pose was odd, but the missing head was bothering Spencer more than anything else as he studied the corpse. It had been removed so carefully- while the man had still been alive- yet there was no blood splatter. Not even a drop. 

"Maybe he was killed somewhere else?" one of the officers suggested, but Spencer shook his head.

"No, he was held here a while before he died," he replied, sounding very sure of that. "I don't suppose anyone's found the head yet?" he asked, looking hopeful.

(OTA- If your pup is a police-y sort, or likely to consult, feel free to have them involved in the case. If they aren't, feel free to have them know the victim, be involved with the venue in some way, or even have been the one to find him. :D If you don't want the gore but still want to speak to Spencer, feel free to catch him as he's leaving instead.)


Oct. 9th, 2014 07:23 pm
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Profiling was something you couldn't just switch off. Spencer had tried, and he'd failed time and time again. He couldn't help it, his brain was programmed to notice certain things. The way someone walked, the words someone chose- they could tell Spencer so much, he could see so much. 

He could do so much- and he'd realized, with a wave of guilt, that he shouldn't be using his abilities to work out which business man on his train was cheating on his spouse, or who had a history of alcohol abuse... He should be working again. Not teaching, but doing what he did best. He needed to go back to profiling, to helping people.

He'd spent the morning trying to figure out what to do. Did he go back to America? Back to a team that didn't exist? Did he become a full time consultant or find work in law enforcement here in London? He honestly had no idea.

He sat alone at a table in a small cafe beside his favourite bookshop, reading his way through a stack of books at what probably seemed like an inhuman pace to anyone who observed him. His eyes moved back and forth rapidly, taking it all in, as his right hand flipped the pages at a comfortable rhythm. He may not have known what direction he was going in life, but here and now, surrounded by books, he was in his element.


Oct. 3rd, 2014 09:54 am
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Hex worked an early shift so he started his weekend at two in the afternoon. That afforded him plenty of time to get to the Real Food Festival. He delighted in all the scents, all the ingredients, all the dishes to taste. He began with a Korrito, a delicious Mexican tortilla stuffed with Korean barbecue meat. Then he sampled some paprikash, some matcha, some sausage. Some spices. He tried a bubble tea with slick black pearls in it that exploded in his mouth with a berry flavoured burst.

The crowd was close, not too terribly so when he arrived but it grew thicker as he stayed longer. There was music and he watched a game of Mah Jong for a while between for Chinese women. Hex loved this side of London...all the cultures coming together. All the faces. It reaffirmed his faith in humanity while it filled his belly. He'd rarely been so content.

[Find Hex at the food festival or if you would rather you can meet him on the tube after or even on the street. Whatever works best!]
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Boredom and Jake Jensen didn't mix well. Kinda like nitrogen triiodide and an unsteady hand--Big fucking boom. As a kid it had gotten him into a lot of trouble. As an adult? Pretty much the exact same thing. Boredom was what had made his eight-year-old self build a parabolic antenna/radio out of kitchen appliances to contact aliens with, his ten-year-old self dig up his backyard in search of dinosaur bones, and his sixteen-year-old-self hack the FBI database. Boredom was what had deconstructed a missile just to see what made it tick, had changed Cougar’s records to say he’d had all his training at a secret Jedi stronghold, and had taken apart a General’s car for the spare parts needed to make a high-powered laser death ray. And that was just to name a few things.

Jensen was someone who always needed to be doing something, so it didn’t take much for boredom to kick in. All it took was a spare minute or two where he was alone with nothing to do. He’d get twitchy, restless. The ideas would start coming and then one of them would stick. It would nag and tempt. He’d know it wasn’t something he should be doing. He’d know the idea could get him into trouble, but the lure of it, the promise of figuring out how something worked, of creating something, of taking something broken and making it whole again, of accomplishing something instead of being such a monumental fuck-up would be too much to say no to. So he wouldn’t.

Unfortunately, right now, Jensen was at work. Most days it wasn’t so bad. The coffee shop usually had a steady flow of customers, so it was difficult to get well and truly bored. But today was a slow day. Maybe it was the weather, the rain was coming down so hard it looked like a sheet of water, or maybe it was just shit luck. He supposed he shouldn’t complain. Of all the places he could be, London wasn’t the worst. He could have ended up ass-deep in the Hindu Kush without an internet connection--Now that would have sucked.
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[Previously on The Life and Times of The Space-Traveling Ponds: Rory and Amy are finally in the same place at the same time]

Amy had spent a short amount of time convincing Rory that it was in their best interest to move to London permanently. She didn't want to move back to Leadworth for a number of reasons, the least of which that she didn't want to deal with the fall out that would come with her having "not shown up for the wedding". Too many questions and too much stress. Beside, it would be easier to patch things up between the two of them if it really was just the two of them. And Rory couldn't deny that things could just.. go back to the way they'd been before. Once again, she was left wishing The Doctor would just show up already so he could fix things.

She had already finished getting ready by the time Rory was finally getting himself out of bed. She couldn't stop herself from dropping a kiss on his cheek as he made his way into the bathroom to brush his teeth. He may not be the right Rory, but he was still her Rory.

They decided to forgo the offered breakfast at the B&B they were still staying at and decided to check out a cafe up the road a bit. They took their time, pouring over a newspaper in between bites, trying to find a decent flat to rent.

By the time they were finished, they'd picked out a few to check out. Amy wandered outside, newspaper tucked under her arm, while Rory paid their tab. It also, once again, occurred to her that she really would need to look for a job. Perhaps she could give modeling a go again..

[occ: Tag one, tag the other, tag both. Find them in the cafe or out on the street. Just give a hint!]


Aug. 19th, 2014 08:02 pm
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At first, life without the BAU had been hard. It had been heartbreaking even, enough so that Spencer had questioned his choice to leave nearly every day. 

Lately, however... Lately things were wonderful. Kings College was proving to be the perfect environment of the young Dr. Reid. His nightmares were less frequent, he'd managed to return to a fairly healthy weight, and he had Hex. ...Hex, who was maybe, kind of, sort of, his actual boyfriend. He wasn't sure, he'd never really had a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, before- And he was fairly certain that it wasn't the sort of thing you asked someone. He was sure it was simply one of those things you were just supposed to simply <i>know</i>.

He was musing over the many ways one could ask someone else if they were dating- without actually asking if they were dating- while waiting in line for a coffee at the local Starbucks. However, even while lost in his thoughts, his ears perked up at the sound of two students chatting behind him, arguing about the statistics of drink driving.

"Actually, last year, drivers aged between 20 and 24 failed more breath tests than any other age group. Also, it's provisionally estimated that 2011 saw 280 deaths, 1290 serious injuries and 9,990 total casualties directly related to drink driving incidents. In 2010 there were around 410 pedestrian casualties and 90 pedal cyclist casualties in accidents with a driver over the legal alcohol limit," he said, correcting them both, as he turned to face them.

"Are those, like, actually proper numbers you know off the top off your head?" one asked, looking a bit startled.

"Wait- Aren't you the professor for that class on serial killers?" asked the other.

"Actually, I don't focus strictly on serial killers..." Spencer started to say, only to be cut off.

"I heard you were in the FBI. Do you have a gun? Have you ever shot anyone?" the first boy asked,

Spencer went a little pale, remembering the sound Tobias' body had made as it hit the ground. "I- I have. I mean, no, I don't have a gun any more, but- I have shot someone," he said awkwardly.

"Wot was that like?" one of the boys asked.

Spencer was silent for a long moment, then shrugged. "Not good. I don't recommend it," he said, turning away and fixing his eyes on the board, even though he already knew what he was going to order.

Behind him he could hear the boys whispering.

"I heard he went mental, that's why he's not FBI any more." murmured the first.

"Probably shot the wrong bloke or something."
hissed the other.

(OTA! Find Spencer in a Starbucks! :D)
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June 16, 2014
Hannibal and Alcuin spend a summer evening at Hannibal's home.

June 17, 2014
While in the King's College psychology department, Alcuin listens in on Spencer Reid's lecture, and then has a chat with him afterwards.

June 20, 2014
A very rude man hits on Alcuin while he's at a wine tasting with Hannibal, and (after getting the man's business card for later), Hannibal has something to prove. [NSFW]

July 25, 2014
After a first encounter with Chris White that ends on a sour note, Alcuin is upset and winds up at Hannibal's home, then to the opera, and surprises Hannibal with a gift he'd been planning for him. [eventually NSFW]

July 28, 2014
Alcuin goes to see Chris again in the hopes of making a better first impression, and though it doesn't seem they will be friends, Chris does inspire him to think about his spirituality.

July 29, 2014
Alcuin goes on a date with Willy, that does not end as planned: a fairy bargain goes awry.
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Chris had taken the train in early and had settled into the library stacks upon opening. He'd spent all day there, pouring over the Bible, but not looking for any sort of salvation, only revelation. He would soon go to Rome, only recently having been given dispensation by the Vatican to study some truly ancient volumes of the holy book. He had spent his entire life studying the Bible for the linguistic nuances of translation and deciphering how the language used helped to shape the worship in practice.

It was truly fascinating work.

But it got to be tea time and he'd been there all day and he was starving. A man had to eat, or so he'd been told. He tucked away his work and added the tomes he'd puled to be reshelved. Then he struck out into the evening to find a decent place for a meal. Normally he'd go home but he felt a bit needy. Not that he craved contact, but in a way he did. He'd been sunk into words all day and now, if nothing else, he needed to listen to voices. He headed for the nearest pub and sat at the bar rather than take a table. Soon enough he had a bit of food, a pint, and he was listening to the men behind him discussing the Gaza protests that had filled the street the previous week end.

[If for some reason your pup would not be in a pub please feel free to meet him in the library or on the street or tube XD]
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Hex had taken the tube to Picadilly Circus to hit up Lillywhites. He'd found himself a bit flush with extra cash and he'd gone to look into a small set of free weights. He'd found some that were in his budget and it was a small matter of payment and scheduling a delivery. He certainly wasn't taking weights on the train.

When that was done he headed downstairs and browsed a bit, looking at the different sporting gear. On impulse he bought a new football for the next time the blokes from St. Bart's got together for a game. There was one every week but the roster rotated depending on who was off that day and it seemed like they couldn't have enough balls. Inevitably the person who was meant to bring one forgot. That was how one week they wound up playing rugby instead- just because that was the ball they had.

Hex took the new footie and stepped out into the chaos of the circle. The giant signs illuminated the area and cars crowded the street. Hex took a peek at his watch and started for the tube station so he could get home but there was a busker entertaining the tourists and he paused to listen for a bit. There was time until the train and the bloke was putting on a good show.

[Find Hex in Lillywhites, on the street, or even on the tube. Just let me know where they've run into each other XD]
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It was a lovely day in the city of London, a touch cloudy, but no sign of rain clouds. The temperature was drifting around the low 80's, and though it was a weekday, summer tourist season was in full swing- Meaning that the Tescos were mostly empty, but there was a line at nearly every photo snapping hot-spot. From the tower to Madame Tussauds.

In shops, tall buildings, and banks, workers went about their day to day. Parents pushed prams up and down streets, and shop assistants gossiped and refilled the shelves. Just as they did yesterday, and just as they would tomorrow.

Even as night fell and the pubs and clubs all came to life- It was a normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary, at least nothing that made it into the papers...

However, even the dullest days can be the start of new things. New friendships, new problems, new beginnings.

(Opening day! This is a gathering post, so feel free to top level your character, and then tag around to say hello to others. Be sure to mention in your top level where your character is and around what time/day it is. Gathering posts will always be open for several days, so be sure to check back through out the week for new top levels to tag into!)


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