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It had been a while since anyone had randomly recognized Alcuin. He credited this in part to the fading memory of the city (despite the tabloid flair-up around the holidays), and in part to his decision to cut his hair. He'd also taken to wearing glasses, which were a prescription weak enough that he'd typically gone without them in the past, but he was spending considerably more time in front of a computer these days than he had when Anafiel was alive. Maybe it was a little Clark Kent of him, but he definitely wasn't noticed as much this way. And it wasn't even just being recognized, but he also got less attention. Which caused... more conflicting emotions than he would have anticipated.

In any case, this all resulted in his looking like a rather normal young man sitting at an outdoor cafe drinking coffee and reading a copy of Jon Ronson's new book So You've Been Publicly Shamed. It struck a bit of a chord with him, to be honest. He was glad he hadn't spent much time on social media last year. He really didn't want to know what Twitter had thought of him.

The cafe was busier than usual, perhaps due to the weather being nice, and it was a Friday just late enough for people to skip out of work early. He reached over and took his bag out of the other seat at his table in case anyone wanted to join him, as there were no more empty seats around.
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Thomas hadn't been sure about his decision to look into opening a club, especially when Lara had been enthusiastically supportive of the whole idea, but somehow here he was anyway. Tonight, Unleashed would open its doors, the thematic offspring of Zero even if he'd refused to share the name with the White Court's Chicago feeding grounds.

Everything was perfect. He'd seen to most of the details himself, at least for tonight's opening, though Dierdre would be taking over the regular operating headaches. The flyers had been circulating for weeks, there was an excited buzz about the venue, and when he'd peeked outside earlier the line had already been forming down the block. With luck, he'd be able to pay Lara back the capital investment she'd made in a year or less.

He did one last walkthrough, taking in the well-stocked bars on every level, the furniture and...other equipment scattered around the edges, the staff in their revealing leather and chrome uniforms. Once he was sure everything was in order, he descended back to the second floor and nodded to the DJ booth. The house lights went off, the club lights were switched on, and the pounding, throbbing, bass-heavy music flooded the multi-story building.

The doors were unlocked and the first few eager customers wandered in, wide-eyed. Unleashed was open for business.

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The London Gastronomic Society organized a large indoor festival every year. Three restaurants on the top two floors in the Shard in London hosted this year’s food festival. Connected by a large atrium in the middle, they offered guests a grand setting to feast their taste buds with fine flavours and rich textures.

This year’s theme was Venice and all courses, dishes and amuses were inspired by Italy and Venice, its City of Bridges in particular. Tickets were freely sold, but a VIP lounge was set up on the restaurant of the top floor, separating the rich and famous from the ordinary people. The restaurant's large balconies offered the esteemed guests views of the atrium floor and the rest of the party on one side and London’s skyline on the other.

The theme had inspired the decorators to create a Venetian Carnival atmosphere throughout the three floors and the invitations read a Carnivalesque attire was greatly encouraged. Many people had complied and were dressed up, varying between tasteful to plainly outrageous. Everyone who hadn’t come dressed up, was given a mask at the entrance.

Waiters – dressed thematically – walked back and forth carrying large plates with the most delicious small dishes and amuses. Wine flowed freely and music inspired many to venture a dance in the atrium's dance floor.

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Boredom and Jake Jensen didn't mix well. Kinda like nitrogen triiodide and an unsteady hand--Big fucking boom. As a kid it had gotten him into a lot of trouble. As an adult? Pretty much the exact same thing. Boredom was what had made his eight-year-old self build a parabolic antenna/radio out of kitchen appliances to contact aliens with, his ten-year-old self dig up his backyard in search of dinosaur bones, and his sixteen-year-old-self hack the FBI database. Boredom was what had deconstructed a missile just to see what made it tick, had changed Cougar’s records to say he’d had all his training at a secret Jedi stronghold, and had taken apart a General’s car for the spare parts needed to make a high-powered laser death ray. And that was just to name a few things.

Jensen was someone who always needed to be doing something, so it didn’t take much for boredom to kick in. All it took was a spare minute or two where he was alone with nothing to do. He’d get twitchy, restless. The ideas would start coming and then one of them would stick. It would nag and tempt. He’d know it wasn’t something he should be doing. He’d know the idea could get him into trouble, but the lure of it, the promise of figuring out how something worked, of creating something, of taking something broken and making it whole again, of accomplishing something instead of being such a monumental fuck-up would be too much to say no to. So he wouldn’t.

Unfortunately, right now, Jensen was at work. Most days it wasn’t so bad. The coffee shop usually had a steady flow of customers, so it was difficult to get well and truly bored. But today was a slow day. Maybe it was the weather, the rain was coming down so hard it looked like a sheet of water, or maybe it was just shit luck. He supposed he shouldn’t complain. Of all the places he could be, London wasn’t the worst. He could have ended up ass-deep in the Hindu Kush without an internet connection--Now that would have sucked.
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August 9, 2014
Following his outing with Willy, and a fairy bargain that he doesn't remember, Alcuin has been utterly exhausted. When he confesses this to Hannibal, Hannibal hypnotizes him to investigate, with no luck. It takes Alcuin being spirited away into thin air for Hannibal to realize there's something wrong, and he calls Kersen for help.
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This year's fundraising benefit for the Catholic Children's Society was a rather grander affair than usual. It wasn't just that Lucrezia Borgia had money, but she was very good at convincing people to give her things. Things like use of a gorgeous venue, and donations for the silent auction.

The event was divided into three main areas: a large receiving room with food and a bar along with videos on mounted screens with information about the cause, another with discreet armed guards amidst auction items (some abstract, such as dinner for two at some of London's best restaurants, and others well worth guarding, like a $15,000 pound emerald necklace), and then, outside amongst the fountain, a band playing jazz standards and space for dancing.

Along with the pledges for the auction, volunteers circulated amongst the guests to speak about the charity and ask for donations of time or money. It was, of course, all a bit absurd, a lavish gathering of the wealthy to Help The Needy, but (according to Lucrezia Borgia, who had organized most of this particular affair) the wealthy would have their fancy parties no matter what so they may as well be guilted into some charity while they're at it.

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Anael liked to come and visit on a regular basis. He had never been the sort of angel to appear to mortals in all of his angelic glory, but he had come to enjoy spending short moments among them, veiled as one of them, along the course of the ages. Today, he had alighted on top of a building in the city of London (one of his favourites), cloaked to most eyes, and made it down to the street, now visible and wingless. The hint of frost quickly melted from his hair, and he let his feet guide him to a café, claiming a table outside. There was a couple two tables over falling in love, and it was a good place for him to be.

When someone sat at the table beside him, Anael gave them a smile, simply because it was in his nature to be friendly.
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July 27, 2014
In the past when Alcuin has run into former clients, it went badly. With Cesare Borgia, it isn't so terrible. They run into each other in a cafe, and after some conversation Cesare realizes there's more to Alcuin than he previously thought.
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June 16, 2014
Hannibal and Alcuin spend a summer evening at Hannibal's home.

June 17, 2014
While in the King's College psychology department, Alcuin listens in on Spencer Reid's lecture, and then has a chat with him afterwards.

June 20, 2014
A very rude man hits on Alcuin while he's at a wine tasting with Hannibal, and (after getting the man's business card for later), Hannibal has something to prove. [NSFW]

July 25, 2014
After a first encounter with Chris White that ends on a sour note, Alcuin is upset and winds up at Hannibal's home, then to the opera, and surprises Hannibal with a gift he'd been planning for him. [eventually NSFW]

July 28, 2014
Alcuin goes to see Chris again in the hopes of making a better first impression, and though it doesn't seem they will be friends, Chris does inspire him to think about his spirituality.

July 29, 2014
Alcuin goes on a date with Willy, that does not end as planned: a fairy bargain goes awry.

OTA - Debut

Aug. 8th, 2014 10:23 pm
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It was a lovely night, and Nancy was sitting outside a small cafe with a cup of tea and her phone in her hand.

"I know, Ned. I know, and I'm sorry- I'm just not ready to come home yet," she said quietly, guilt settling in her chest as Ned once again begged her to just come home. She knew he was just worried about her, but she wished he could understand that everything she'd learned about her mother was a lot to take in. She couldn't just forget it and move on.

Saying her goodbyes, she hung up, turning her phone over and looking at the case. It was minty green with her initials on it, a gift from Bess, and it made her homesick. So much so that she nearly called Ned back to tell him she was coming home.

Shaking her head, she tucked it back into her purse and crossed her legs, sipping her tea and watching people pass by as she considered what she was going to do with herself while she was here in London.
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There were a few things you could almost be certain of when dealing with a member of MI6. For starters, there was a good chance you had no idea who it was you were really talking to. Their names, their stories- It was all false. It was all faux. Then, of course, there was the inevitable tragic back story. Dead family or dark past... Often both, sometimes both and then more.

Q ticked quite a lot of the boxes, and at the moment his dark past seemed keen on hunting him down. He saw his former lover everywhere, as though haunted by a spirit. Though Terrance was very much alive and well, fresh out of prison, and keen to return things to how they'd once been. The man had became a looming threat in the young Quartermaster's life in a matter of weeks. A dark shadow cast over his whole world.

At first it was simply phone calls and texts, then letters and packages... Then Terrance himself, watching Q nearly everywhere he went.

Today, however, it all went a step too far.

The tube was packed, as it always was during the morning rush, though Q didn't look terribly hassled as he stood on the platform with the business types and various commuters. While others checked watches and their mobiles, Q simply stood, calm and disinterested as ever. He didn't move at all, not until he heard the train coming, and even then he simply looked to the side to watch it approach.

The sound of the approaching train was loud, but Q could swear that for just a moment he heard a very familiar song playing behind him, as though coming through the speakers of a phone. The lyrics and music sent him back to another time and place- And then he felt it, a strange and throbbing ache in his side. He felt dizzy and light headed, and just as he crumpled to the ground, he was sure he heard a woman shouting for the police- Something about someone being stabbed...

(OTA! Q got stabbed! Yay Q. >_> Good job. Feel free to help the little Quartermaster however your pup can.)
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Chris had taken the train in early and had settled into the library stacks upon opening. He'd spent all day there, pouring over the Bible, but not looking for any sort of salvation, only revelation. He would soon go to Rome, only recently having been given dispensation by the Vatican to study some truly ancient volumes of the holy book. He had spent his entire life studying the Bible for the linguistic nuances of translation and deciphering how the language used helped to shape the worship in practice.

It was truly fascinating work.

But it got to be tea time and he'd been there all day and he was starving. A man had to eat, or so he'd been told. He tucked away his work and added the tomes he'd puled to be reshelved. Then he struck out into the evening to find a decent place for a meal. Normally he'd go home but he felt a bit needy. Not that he craved contact, but in a way he did. He'd been sunk into words all day and now, if nothing else, he needed to listen to voices. He headed for the nearest pub and sat at the bar rather than take a table. Soon enough he had a bit of food, a pint, and he was listening to the men behind him discussing the Gaza protests that had filled the street the previous week end.

[If for some reason your pup would not be in a pub please feel free to meet him in the library or on the street or tube XD]
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It was a lovely day in the city of London, a touch cloudy, but no sign of rain clouds. The temperature was drifting around the low 80's, and though it was a weekday, summer tourist season was in full swing- Meaning that the Tescos were mostly empty, but there was a line at nearly every photo snapping hot-spot. From the tower to Madame Tussauds.

In shops, tall buildings, and banks, workers went about their day to day. Parents pushed prams up and down streets, and shop assistants gossiped and refilled the shelves. Just as they did yesterday, and just as they would tomorrow.

Even as night fell and the pubs and clubs all came to life- It was a normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary, at least nothing that made it into the papers...

However, even the dullest days can be the start of new things. New friendships, new problems, new beginnings.

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