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August 9, 2014
Following his outing with Willy, and a fairy bargain that he doesn't remember, Alcuin has been utterly exhausted. When he confesses this to Hannibal, Hannibal hypnotizes him to investigate, with no luck. It takes Alcuin being spirited away into thin air for Hannibal to realize there's something wrong, and he calls Kersen for help.
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July 11, 2014
Kersen and Michael meet at a gay bar, and things progress quickly... except when they come to a screeching halt because oops, Kersen is afraid he's going to lose control. Poor Michael. :(


Aug. 19th, 2014 07:16 pm
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The music was like a heartbeat at first, thumping and steady. Boom, boom, boom... And then it ebbed slightly, and it was as if the bottom had just dropped out, a slow warble that sent him crashing down with a throbbing bass line and a low cry of the treble. The club vibrated around him, lights gliding to and fro, blinking blue, then green. Soft colours, never jarring, just dancing with the music and weaving through the bodies that swarmed and gyrated on the floor.

The scent of his last cigarette clung to his shirt, and all it did was make him want another. He'd had a few drinks, he'd had a few lines. He was wasted enough that now when people tried to pick him up he didn't run right away.

He was so far gone that he was no longer in control. A walking target for people who prayed on the weak and the wasted.

The music dropped low again, and Fin closed his eyes, tipping his head back and letting it crash over him.

Mindless, numb, and free from his troubles.

(OTA, find Fin at any club anywhere in the city.)
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July 16, 2014
Kersen and Hannibal reconnect at Jazzmin, with a brief chat about their lives.

July 21, 2014
Hex happens upon Jazzmin because of a customer needing medical attention, and then lets Kersen buy him a coffee after. Kersen finds it all so terribly normal, which leads him to a potential lapse in judgment.

August 2, 2014
When Q happens upon Jazzmin, Kersen catches a vampire trying to glamour him. He gets him away, and Q calls for Bond, who shows up in time to see Q really not acting like himself.
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 Willy Silver had, in all honesty, simply crashed into his life, this strange force of joy and melody, with a sinister undertone. They'd known one another for only a matter of weeks, but Willy hadn't hesitated at all to offer him everything he could have ever wanted. For one year, and one day, Fin would have his health, plenty of money, and a roof over his head. He would be healthy, safe, and comfortable- allowing him to save every penny he earned at his various jobs for once, and enjoy life for the first time since he'd taken ill. It was a bloody miracle- and there was only one catch. ...One very big catch.

For one year, and one day, he belonged to Willy. He'd come when called, help when asked... Do whatever the man bid him to do. Honestly, he wasn't even completely sure what the fae really wanted from him. He only knew it hung over him every time he returned to his new home in the West End.

Today he wasn't worrying about that though. Today he'd landed some voice over work for a series of ads, and was celebrating down at the Coach and Horses, having a drink and enjoying the atmosphere. He wasn't going to worry himself with fae deal,s or what his debt might entail- Not tonight.

Someone sat down beside him, and Fin smiled at the barman as he spoke. "Whatever their first drink is, it's on me," he announced.
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It was a lovely day in the city of London, a touch cloudy, but no sign of rain clouds. The temperature was drifting around the low 80's, and though it was a weekday, summer tourist season was in full swing- Meaning that the Tescos were mostly empty, but there was a line at nearly every photo snapping hot-spot. From the tower to Madame Tussauds.

In shops, tall buildings, and banks, workers went about their day to day. Parents pushed prams up and down streets, and shop assistants gossiped and refilled the shelves. Just as they did yesterday, and just as they would tomorrow.

Even as night fell and the pubs and clubs all came to life- It was a normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary, at least nothing that made it into the papers...

However, even the dullest days can be the start of new things. New friendships, new problems, new beginnings.

(Opening day! This is a gathering post, so feel free to top level your character, and then tag around to say hello to others. Be sure to mention in your top level where your character is and around what time/day it is. Gathering posts will always be open for several days, so be sure to check back through out the week for new top levels to tag into!)


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