Jack - Arrival

Aug. 12th, 2017 05:51 pm
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Logan was great at just rolling with the punches. Usually quite literally, but as he'd matured, figuratively as well. Years ago, when he'd woken up on the beach back in Neptune after feeling as though he'd spent years and years on an island full of fictional people, living a life nothing like he'd ever dared dreamed off, he'd been shaken. ...And then he'd moved on, because that was all you could do, right? It had just been a dream after all, right? A really long and vivid one, full of people and memories that still brought him to tears when his mind dug it back up.

Life had gone on though, and Logan had grown up- Had felt himself drawn to the military, a part of his life that often left him daydreaming about a man in a long gray coat, with a far too charming smile. A man he'd googled a thousand times, only to find no trace of him anywhere. ...More proof that he'd either done a shit ton of acid that night without realizing- Or he had some kind of neurological damage going on up there.

That morning, a very mundane one to be honest, on his way from the bathroom to the kitchen, he found himself leaning towards the latter. After all, that was the only explanation as to how he'd gone from the house he shared with Dick, to some weird underground lair. 

Punches. Rolling.

A little snooping left him with only more questions, but with enough information that when someone opened the door to the office he was currently lounging in, he didn't even look away from the computer that was currently playing the best cat videos YouTube had to offer.

"You don't call, you don't write," he said, his feet up on the desk and his gaze still lingering on a cat that was slowly knocking item after item off of someone's kitchen table. "Though given that you're either a figment of my imagination, or I've accidentally stumbled into a Wrinkle In Time, I guess I can't be too mad about it. ...Jack."


Aug. 12th, 2017 02:47 pm
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Willy knew Fin's favourite places to go and for many weeks he had avoided them all. He had settled into his little cottage hidden deep in an alley. He had come home, it felt like. He wasn't there much, though. He had let his music take him and he performed almost every night at clubs and bars around the city. Anything to fill the hole in his heart.

But today he couldn't hide away forever. He missed Fin terribly. He thought today he might see if he could find Fin...if only to see him.

Fin's favourite cafe had always been comfortable, a place with familiar food and familiar faces. Willy walked in, no longer a familiar face to the regulars. He scanned the crowd and found Fin sitting in the back, reading what he could only assume was a script. Willy hesitated a moment, asking for a tea with milk and sugar. When he had it, he casually walked back to where Fin sat.

"Hello, my friend," he said softly. Hesitantly. He stood still, waiting for a sign he might be welcoome.


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