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“It's too hard,” Winter whined, face planting into his notebook dramatically. They were currently sitting at a small table outside a cafe, but it seemed the fresh air wasn't enough to keep the pixie from getting twitchy.
This had been going on for the last ten minutes now, and while Faizel knew he was pushing the pixie by asking him to make it through two hours of tutoring, he also knew Winter had to learn to be still and focus for longer than only an hour at a time if he was to survive a mortal school.
This was, honestly, the exact opposite of what the wizard usually did, but he understood why he'd been asked. Winter needed a tutor who understood not only what he was, but why he was the way he was. 
“It's not hard,” he said calmly. “You're bored, that's not the same as incapable.”
The pixie whined again, sitting back up and looking genuinely distraught. “We've been sitting at this table for days. ...Weeks. Definitely weeks,” Winter sulked.
Sighing, Faizel glanced at the time. Nearly 120 minutes on the dot. Winter had made it to 110 before his little melt down. That was forty whole minutes longer than last time.
“Alright, alright,” the wizard said softly. “No more maths today. How about I get us each another coffee and then I'll walk you home.”
Winter huffed, leaning back in his seat. “I don't need walking home,” he sighed. “Fae Finlay says I do, but-”
Faizel hushed him, frowning slightly. “Winter, you must stop calling people by what they are. I know it's ingrained, but you can not do that.” Though now really wasn't the time to scold the pixie he supposed, given that Winter looked about ready to explode if he didn't move around a bit. “It's just Willy and Fin, and I am just Faizel. Say it, just our names, and then you can go buy our coffee, and a sweet cake of some sort for having made it through such a long tutoring session.”
Winter squirmed, then sighed.
“Finlay, Willy, and Faizel,” he said calmly.
Faizel smiled and handed over a few notes. “Go on, get us each a coffee and a treat for yourself, then I'll walk you home.
Winter nodded, but the moment he was out of earshot, he just had to get it out of his system.
“Fae Finlay, Fae Willy, Fae Finlay and Willy,” he whispered to himself before getting on line.
(OTA, late tags v. welcome. Tag Faizel outside at the table, or Winter inside. Or, if you'd like them both, tag them both at the table after Winter returns. Though I will eventually send one of them off. XD)
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The Queen's official birthday celebrations might wait for the better, brighter weather of June, instead of the actual date just passed, but there was no lack of things to do in London this week, even if it was cooler and damper than the week before. St. George's day festivities were scattered throughout the city, competing with celebrations of the four hundredth anniversary of Shakespeare's death. Getting around the city could be even more difficult than usual on Sunday, with multiple streets closed off for the London marathon.

There were exhibits - everything from graphic design to a survey of Sicilian history to the influence of underwear. And the same level of diversity could be found whether you were in the mood for music, theatre, good food, or late night fun. There was something for everyone, and no matter your plans - or lack of plans - you never quite knew what you were going to find, or who might find you.

[Week long gp! Tag in, tag others, and check in daily to see who's joined in.]
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He'd been working on the book since just after he'd lost his vision, and after a few re-writes and a lot of changes in his life, it was finally finished, and there was finally a release date and cover art.  On May 17th Fin's book, The Rough Spark would be released, with a short book tour that would follow. 

Tonight, however, was just about celebrating its completion and the impending printing, and Finlay had rented a large hall and invited all his friends, and his friends friends, to come and celebrate- And hopefully get the word out.

A large poster hung on the back wall, displaying the cover art they'd finally settled on. It wasn't flashy, but Fin felt it was a good fit, a single shattered light bulb with one tiny ember still burning inside. The party had a dark industrial feel to it's décor, but like any celebration it was also full of food, music, and drink.

(OTA. It's Fin's party, but treat it as you would any GP! Also, feel free to assume your pup received an invitation somehow, either via a friend or from fin himself.)
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The board meeting had had a few hiccups, and in the end, Belinda had resorted to magic to see things settled to her liking. The two newest members seemed to have believed Belinda being board chair and majority shareholder meant nothing when she was also young (apparently), black, and female. True, she generally let the business-minded handle the business aspects of the company, but delegating responsibilities was the mark of a good leader. Padding the bottom line at the expense of the creators who were the soul and source of the products Loreworks traded in might work in the short-term, but it was bad business over time, and Belinda had had to be rather insistent on that subject.

After the meeting, Belinda felt she’d earned a bit of a treat, so she stopped in at one of her favorite bookshops. In a manner of speaking. She wasn’t sure she could pick one favorite bookshop, when there were reasons to love them all. So much, she decided to make a day of it, going from one shop to another: from the large Waterstone’s and Foyles to Shapero’s rare books, shops specializing in signed first editions, and those with shelves and shelves of yellowing paperbacks, new books and old books, and everything in between.

Belinda sat cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by small piles of books she'd pulled from the shelves, her choices following an impulse that would probably seem random to anyone watching. Children's books, weighty literary fiction, sci-fi and fantasy both, mysteries and romance, and more - if it was a kind of fiction, it was probably represented in her selections. She paid no mind to how she was blocking half the aisle, although someone coming near was enough to get her to glance up from the book she was flipping through.


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