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It had taken considerably longer than Robin anticipated, thanks to some building code issues that had pushed back his renovations by months, but following the thrown together "preview" on New Year's Eve (that had gone very well if he did say so himself), Saturnalia was finally officially open for business.

The inside of the club looked somewhat different than it had in January: more polished now, better decorations, furniture, lighting. There was still Greek inspiration, particularly in the murals on the walls - modern, graffiti-inspired versions of Greek art and myths, bright colors splashed amidst chrome industrial decor. Most of the employees (bartenders, dancers) were wearing togas.

The grand opening was a hot ticket, but Robin had sent out invitations generously, and instructed the bouncers at the door to let in the beautiful people as usual, yes, but to be rather random about it as well. After all, what was the fun in only the rich and beautiful?

Alcohol was free flowing, and the music was hot, spun by a DJ on a stage who seemed to have the perfect sense of the crowd. He may have even had a little help by magic. Because why leave these things to chance?
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(As always gathering posts are open for at least one week. Feel free to use the heading of your comment to let other players know what day and time your top level takes place. Tag in now and check back often to tag others!)
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As the city said goodbye to January, February rolled in quietly behind it. The weather remained mostly unchanged, though the streets seemed slightly emptier as the majority of tourists left. 

Still, there was no shortage of things to do this week, from a rare book event, to swing dance classes. There were also a few art exhibitions opening, and the usual events at the museums. Plenty of concerts and shows to see... Not to mention up and coming pubs, restaurants, and new and old cafes that seemed to always be alive.

There was no excuse to be bored in a city like this. No reason at all.

(Week long gp! Tag in, tag others, and check in daily to see who's joined in.)
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The universe was out to get her, Cissie thought. It hated her and wanted her to suffer and that was why she had been carried off to some strange new place yet again.

There had been no flash of light, no weird noises - she'd opened the door of her apartment and instead of stepping out into the tacky carpet of the hallway, she'd stepped out onto a crowded sidewalk with buildings she didn't recognize all around her.

This was the third - no, fourth time this had happened to her and really, it was getting old. She'd had a life back in Darrow. A strange, dual-kind of life but a life all the same and now it seemed she was going to have to start all over again.

"I really didn't sign up for this," she muttered. "And it would be really nice if the universe would stop screwing with me."
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Damon had claimed he wanted some time away to clear his head, to get a fresh start, and it was actually true, but he’d chosen London as his destination for a reason he hadn’t shared with anyone. The memories he had of a strange, isolated world, the world of Darrow, were clearly his and his alone. Stefan, Elena, Caroline, Ric, they’d all looked at him like he was crazy when he asked them about it, and to be honest, he was starting to wonder if they were right.

He’d heard rumors of Rebekah in London, and since that was an ocean away from everything that had happened in Mystic Falls, he’d chosen to pursue her over Elijah in New Orleans. (Also, if Elijah did remember Darrow, Damon would want to punch him for what had happened there, and that could likely end up him being minus one heart. Since he didn’t have one to spare, Barbie Klaus was a better option to pursue. Rebekah could be cruel and petty, but that was a language Damon was fluent in, and much preferred to Elijah’s ruthless efficiency, especially covered over as it was with a veneer of gentlemanliness.)

He’d called ahead to the cleaning service that maintained his house there and let them know he was coming, and the place had been aired and prepared for his arrival. Now that he was settled and rested, it was time to start his search in earnest. And if he did find Rebekah, and she too had no idea what he was talking about, well...maybe he could find a vampire therapist. Or just accept that he was losing his shit and drink until he didn’t care anymore. That had always worked for him in the past.

He knew Rebekah’s tastes, and so he started working his way through the types of pubs she knew she would favor, showing barkeeps and patrons her photo and urging them to think hard about whether they’d seen her. Either she was compelling people to forget her or he was on the wrong trail, but London was big, and he was stubborn. He’d keep trying and exhaust all of his options before he moved on to other parts of Europe in his search.

[Damon Salvatore has arrived in London! Feel free to catch him in any upscalish pub or restaurant, or just run into him on the street.]


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