Gathering Post - OTA - Back to School

Strange things had been happening in London lately. ...Actually, strange didn't really cover it. Sinister, exceptional, insane, dangerous- Those were all probably better descriptors. What was about to unfold this weekend, however, was something else entirely. A few years ago dozens of Londoners had found themselves transported to a mystery house on Halloween.  That had been a terrifying experience for most, but this- This was terrifying in a very different way.

During the last week of September, handfuls of random Londoners had woken to find themselves in a boarding school known as The Dirgelwch School For Exceptional Youths. Some awoke in the suites and small on ground housing intended for staff, finding themselves unchanged, but with a feeling that this was where they belonged. ...What they were meant to be doing. They knew what subject they taught, they knew their schedules- And though something in the back of their brains nagged at them, letting them know something had changed, they simply couldn't figure out what it was.

Others awoke in dorms, finding themselves having just crossed into adulthood, at the beginning of their last year and itching to graduate. Again, they woke knowing something had changed, but what that thing was felt slightly out of reach.So they went to class, they reconnected with friends after what seemed like a long summer apart. Life went on, as it does, and though it all seemed terribly innocent, there was drama and tension bubbling up inside them all.

(Gathering post! You can have your pup wake up as a teacher or a student. Feel free to invent NPC's, and to assume that even in this strange little AU that magic, vampires, and all those other lovelies are very real. How much your pup has forgotten or remembered about their life prior to this plot is 100% up to you. If you want them to wake up absolutely confused by this whole situation, that's fine (though i hope a few people play along, I think that'll be fun). The boarding school is closed off to the rest of the world (Picture large metal gates and watchful groundskeepers), and the school itself is a lovely old brick fortress of a building, out in the middle of the countryside. Questions or concerns? Pop into the slack! This post will be open for several weeks, but in game will only last a weekend. Have fun! Tag in, check in often!)

Gathering Post - OTA - More Wild Magic

It was happening more often now. The air shivered with the dark magic that was flowing more and more freely through London, leaving all it touched with a feeling of unease, and promising nasty nightmares and troubles to all who felt it in their bones.

Tonight dark creatures came slithering out of the sewers. Ghosts of the dead with cruel hearts, shadows of villains and wicked souls... They were welcomed into London with open arms, appearing and vanishing, and causing pain wherever they wandered.

Tonight the people of london caught a glimpse of the danger coming. A danger that was making itself more and more known as the year continued on.

(OTA! Wild magic is back, though it doesn't have to be evil, it can just be pestering or annoying if you'd rather this time around. You are only limited by your imagination (and what you care to make your pups suffer through). The only thing of note is that for those who are sensitive to magic, it will seem even stronger than the last time.)
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Ms. Ethel Vitties (Vit to her friends) was not the sort of person who usually made it onto Q's radar. She had no government ties, the most sophisticated bit of tech in her flat was her sky box (which she only owned because of a need to watch her stories), and she barely knew how to use that. She was no spy, no hacker, and at 83 with a bad hip, she posed no physical threat. ...She was just nice. They'd spoken a few dozen times, and on one occasion when he'd had to go out of town at the last minute, had agreed to let Titania and Oberon stay in her flat. No questions asked, she had simply overheard him in the hall failing to get through to the usual cat sitter or Eve, and had offered to take them.

She'd refused payment of any sort when he'd returned, and the cats had taken an instant liking to her. ...So when Q had learned just how much she was getting charged for her simple cable box and the internet she almost never used, he'd taken matters into his own hands. He'd spent the morning on the roof, rewiring the various cables and making slight improvements. Now he was parked across the street in a small cafe, tapping into Sky's customer data base to make some even more adjustments- Starting with a refund of an obscene service charge.

He was sporting his usual frumpy boffin chic look, but it was obvious he'd been busy this morning by the state of his elbows and knees, the fabric darkened and dirtied by the tar on the roof. His hair was wilder and fluffier than ever, and he was frowning at his monitor as he combed through Vit's billing history. The company really was shameless, it seemed.

When someone approached the table, he simply assumed it was a server and he covered his cup with one hand. "Actually, I'd like to switch to coffee now, if that's alright," he said, not considering the cafe might be full and the person approaching might be searching for a seat- Or, you know, a friend looking to say hello.
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There was a point in Danny's life where he could easily draw a line and say that was the past, and this was the future. Or maybe it was more a matter of what kind of person he was, versus who he could be if he wanted to be something more. Either way, it all boiled down to pre Alex and post Alex. Danny had gone from a life of drugs, drink, and as much debauchery as any human could handle, to a life that was almost domestic and normal. ...Then, of course, there had been post-post Alex. A strange pocket of time spent unraveling mystery after mystery, all while swimming in uncertainty and terror- Like Nancy Drew trapped in some sort of conspiracy theory filled snuff porn.
Life in a post, post Alex world was just chaos, and a sinking feeling of dread that hung about just close enough to always be felt. It had left him an even bigger mess than he'd been before they'd met. Though he supposed it would be odd if he'd somehow come out of it all as a well adjusted, functioning member of society. You don't wade that deep in the government's bullshit and come out better for it. You just didn't.
What had happened with Jack the other week, and the confession from Hex that had followed soon after, had left him on edge all over again. Danny found himself fearing a repeat of everything that had happened with Alex- And though that should have meant he was more vigilant than ever, the hopelessness that had come after learning the truth about the death of last lover lingered on even now, and rather than fight or prepare for war, Danny did what Danny did best. ...He fucked off and got fucked up.
There were certain things you couldn't take when you were on HIV meds. Technically he shouldn't have been taking anything, but if you knew how to walk the tightrope, it wasn't so bad. The blues were fine, powder was alright, but the reds were right out. They'd make him crash hard, and getting your stomach pumped on a Sunday night wasn't anyone's idea of a party. He was buzzing though, two shots of vodka, one of the blues, two lines... Pulse was a bit quick but that was alright, that was fine. Everything was fine. 
Everything was great.
He didn't know who was dancing with, but they were warm and they moved just right. They moved exactly right, and Danny was so good at this. He didn't have a single life skill you could put on a bloody resume, but he could do this. He was king of the fucking club scene, darling. He was swagger and lust, and as the bpm got higher, so did he, never missing a single beat.
"You're bloody brilliant," he told his dance partner, leaning in and speaking right in their ear. "Buy me a drink?"
(OTA, late tags and slow time super welcome! Danny is stoned out of his skull, but in a good mood. ...Yay? Feel free to kill his buzz or encourage this wicked behaviour.)
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Saturnalia GP!

It was a good night at Saturnalia.

There was some b-list American rapper-slash-DJ who had shown up earlier in the day, and Robin was happy to throw someone on stage. It had gone over well right away, so he'd let him stay on. And now it was well into the evening and things were, as Robin understood the current vernacular to be, turnt.

In fact, at some point he'd thrown open all the windows so that the music blasted onto the street, and instructed the bouncers to let in whoever wanted in. He'd also instructed the bartenders to serve all the beer half price. The resulting crowd and frenzy was really something else.

Be Mine - Valentine's Day 2017

Lucky in love or not, London was a lovely place to find yourself on Valentine's Day. From romantic walks through various parks, to intimate dinners or shared deserts in the many restaurants and cafe's- There was something for everyone, because if wandering or dining wasn't for you, well, there were plenty of organised events to attend.

London couldn't claim to be the city of love, but it was certainly a city of possibilities.


Q had managed to remain out of the field for a bit now, confined to his lab and Q branch, quite happily. In fact his world, as a whole, had been delightfully calm. He and Bond had spent the holiday abroad, doing things the office didn't need to know about... And he'd returned to London uncharacteristically chipper.

Today he was at a cafe not far from the office, hiding behind his laptop as usual- However, he seemed slightly less closed off than usual. Where he usually blended into the background, or made a point of not engaging with the world, today.... Today, however, he seemed interested, watching people pass by out the window, and even occasionally glancing up to see who was coming and going in the cafe.

In fact, he was so engaged with the world, that he didn't notice his laptop screen flicker strangely before returning to normal.

Christmas Party! (GP)

Fin and Will had rented out the entirety of the theatre where Fin had gotten his big break, then brought in staff to deck the pace out in holiday cheer. The centrepiece was a grand looking tree that stood centre stage, with a DJ set up to the left, and Santa to the right, who was taking photos and handing out this year's goodie bags. Some of the seating had been removed to make room for dancing and food, but the balcony remained as it always was, for people to rest and get a good view of the celebrations below.

No expense had been spared, but it was, overall, a causal affair. Those who weren't competing in the ugly jumper contest were asked to dress tidy, but comfortably, so they could enjoy the festivities of the evening. From the music and food, to the affordable bar and little area set up to fill out cards and make donations for the local children's hospital.

Invites had been sent to their friends and loved ones, and inside each invite they'd tucked a few more so their friends could invite their friends also.

All and all, it was set to be a wonderful night.
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The Blood Diamond was a familiar place to Manuel by now. He’d gone to see Eric again, quiet and obedient as ever. If anyone had asked, he’d have said he wasn’t scared, but every vampire in the building could hear how fast his heart was beating. He’d gotten used to the glances he got from the other vampires, and he knew exactly what they meant. They wanted to eat him, too, but as long as he was under the Sheriff’s protection, they couldn’t.

Being fed of off didn’t hurt too much. He’d had worse. He tried not to hold his breath as Eric’s fangs punched through his skin. He knew he’d only have to put up with the sting of the holes in his neck for a little while, until Eric finished drinking and healed him. When the time came to swallow that little drop of Eric’s blood, the pain suddenly didn’t seem so bad anymore. He didn’t want to take it. But he did what was expected of him, and he did it without complaining.

The vampire blood took effect instantly. The pain disappeared and the bite marks healed over, replaced with fresh, unbroken skin. His fear was gone just as quickly. His misery and loneliness melted away in a second. Eric’s blood was the only thing in nearly two years that had made him feel happy.

The world was brighter and softer all at the same time, and happy was too small a word.

Eric told him he could crash on the couch, like usual, but this time Manuel headed out of the office and back through the bar, for no reason other than he really, really wanted to. It was a really nice bar. He watched the customers drinking and dancing for a while, then headed back out onto the street. The lights and sounds of passing cars immediately caught his attention, and he stepped towards the road. They looked even better up close. He kept moving forward, over the edge of the pavement until he was standing in the road, just to the side of the flow of traffic. To any sober person it was clearly not safe, but Manuel was completely content and relaxed, convinced he’d be able to move out of the way in time if any cars got too close.

He stood there, watching the different coloured lights sailing past and disappearing into the distance.

((Come stop him from getting run over :D Oh yeah, and if you have a pup who’d be plugged into the local vampire talk, feel free for them to have heard that there’s a golden-haired changeling teenager who’s under the protection of London’s vampire Sheriff.))

Halloween GP

The weather today had been fairly pleasant, a mostly sunny day wedged between fairly grey ones. It wasn't warm, but the chill was minimal for this time of year, and there wasn't a drop of rain in sight. As night crept in, however, the streets slowly faded from sun kissed and painted in autumnal colours, to foggy and damp. An odd thing, really, since the forecast had predicted a clear and pleasant night.

It wasn't normal fog either, it was denser, thicker, and it carried an distinct scent, like cinnamon sugar and chestnuts. It was so thick it seemed to drain the streets of their colour, leaving the wold desaturated and grey. More importantly, anyone with a bit of magic in them would sense, quite quickly, that it wasn't of this world. It crackled quietly with power, dark and heavy. Unfriendly.

It was around nine pm that the local police stations began to receive calls, things they assumed were pranks at first, but soon began rolling in so quickly and frequently that it seemed something more was afoot. The evening news spoke of mass hysteria, warning people to stay indoors. Conspiracy blogs were lit up with chatter of chemical warfare, and some 'airborne drug'. There were reports of people seeing everything from long dead loved ones, to killer clowns.

Though despite the nervous chattering of talking heads and twitter addicts, most people were paying the supposed danger no mind. Clubs and bars on every block were blasting music and throwing costume parties, people were out with friends, wandering the streets and looking for a fun time. It may have been Monday, but that didn't seem to be stopping many people from enjoying the holiday.  

For the most part, everything seemed fine. ...The crowds and groups remained oblivious to the danger of the fog. ...It was only those who slipped off on their own, to have a quick smoke, to get some air or head home early. They were the ones in danger, they were the ones who's darkest fears seemed to emerge from the thick fog. 

Around 10pm, reports started to come in regarding a body found in Whitechapel, cut open wide and left to bleed out. No prints at the scene, no signs that anyone else had even been there. The CCTV footage had somehow been rendered useless, glitched out and blurred. A trouble echoed by every other security camera on the street. It was enough to set twitter and the internet off all over again, with talk of how the things seen in the fog might, somehow, be real.

(Happy Halloween! The fog is bringing fears and spoops to life! You can make the creatures and fabrications of the fog as personal or general as you like. Whatever works best to spook your pup. If, for any reason, you don't want your pup to see any spooks, that's totally fine too. It's not a required plot. Unlike last year, this time around the creepy things your pup might see can harm them and do real damage. Though they will vanish in the morning. If your pup is sensitive to magic in any way, they might sense that this magic is distinctly fae. If you have questions about what you can or can't do, just ask in slack! Though really, the only limit here is your imagination. Remember to check with other players before doing anything that might seriously hurt their pup, ect, ect, and have fun!)
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Even though Delilah had gone down, streaking through the night sky and falling well beyond where his emergency drop pod had landed him, Vod was certain that his water landing in this river was going to attract attention. And not necessarily the good kind. He was still shaken from the incessant shrieking the ship's AI was making as the ship went down, and not to mention the force of impact, as well.

Soaked through, Vod hauled himself out of the river, breathing deeply and getting his composure back from having to swim an appreciable distance and holding his breath for that time. He'd broken his rebreather while it had still been in his mouth, when the pod struck water. His front teeth still hurt like hell from biting through the hard polymer. He was going to demand a goddamn refund about that.

Standing to his full height, Vod scanned the street, scowling a bit as he took things in. Where the hell was this, anyway? It had looked like Terra Prime on the way down... He glanced at an elderly woman who was gaping at him.

"What, never seen a Kathaari before?" he griped. The woman seemed startled, and scurried off. "Yeah, screw you too," Vod growled, looking around to see if anyone else had anything to say about him being here.

(new player, new character! take a look at his wiki page page and feel free to jump in. I'm new to this format, so hopefully I won't bungle anything!)

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[GP] Tuesday Night at The Alpha

The Alpha boasted that it was the smallest bar in all of London, a point that was hotly contested by many other hole-in-the-wal bars around the city. It was a friendly rivalry and as with people's prefered football clubs, their pefered tiny bars caused some chaos from time to time.

Tonight wasn't that sort of night. Tonight Willy Silver, back from a long illness, took the stage with his guitar and a bassist and drummer and rocked the night. Of course his magic was back in full strength and the mortals had no knowledge that with the power of his music came the enchantment that made them joyful, free with tipping, and drinking more than they should.

In the crowd tonight there was a familiar face to some. Hex sat at the bar sipping a Coke on ice. He was Willy's to command for a year and a day and though he didn't know why he had been told to be here tonight...and so he was.

Crowley lurked outside, close enough to enjoy the music but just far eough out that he could chainsmoke and wile a bit. Not that his wiling did any good in the face of Willy's feel-good-abracadabra show. But it was worth trying.

And in the back corner, by the loo door, sat a hateful woman who glared at the fae prince the whole time. One day they'd have a conflict but for tonight Pippa just wanted to see what he was about. Her dark mood kept most as far away from her as they could get in the tiny bar.

"We're going to take a break, have a pint, get requests," Willy said from the stage, then the trio put their instruments down and joined the crowd.

[Gathering post to indulge my wanting to thread everyone. But don't just tag mine, tag each other!]
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He hadn't exactly left London after he'd vanished on Hex. Instead he'd just slipped by under the radar, working quietly to uncover what, exactly, had happened to Alex. Along the way he'd lost Scotty. ...Or, rather, Scotty had been taken from him. By the end, even once he had his answers, it had been for nothing. No one wanted to hear it. Nothing changed. Nothing was fixed.

So when Hex's friend Q (which was still definitely not a name) had reached out to him to go see Hex, he'd accepted. Now, after weeks of watching Hex struggle to recover from the mess he'd made, Danny was slowly slipping out of the shadows he'd been lurking in. Though it didn't stop though shadows from following him around.

For a while everything had changed. Less drinking, no more drugs that weren't prescribed. He'd kept it up as well, not just for his own health, but for Hex's. The last thing the man needed in his life was a junkie. ...And yet here Danny was, in the bar just after noon, drinking and all too aware of the little baggy of powder in his pocket.

Sitting at the bar, his gaze looked slightly blank. He was well dressed, a thick blue knitted jumper keeping the creeping august chill at bay and hiding his slightly too thin frame. The dark circles under his eyes seemed lighter, and he'd recent had his hair trimmed. The pills were doing their best to keep him healthy, and it showed. He looked better than he'd looked in some time- He only wished he felt as well as he appeared.

Finishing his beer, he pondered having another, then glanced outside. He could really fancy a smoke as well. A habit he was still trying to kick.

(ota- Find Danny at the bar or outside having a smoke)

When it rains... OTA

Fin knew he shouldn't be looking at social media right now, that nothing good could come of it, but he couldn't help himself. Seeing the cruel comments roll in was painful, and yet he couldn't look away. He let it claw at him, dragging him down until he was even more numb and broken than he had been.

Closing his laptop, he looked around the cafe, glad that no one seemed terribly interested in him. That was the nice thing about London. Most people were too cool to act like they knew you. It allowed for quiet moments, even out in public, with only a few selfie requests or nasty comments here and there. Today was no different, despite the press. A few extra glances his way, more whispers, but for now things seemed alright. Colder, but alright for now. Though he knew it would only get worse.

Packing up his things, he paid for his tea and headed out onto the street, brushing past a young man who looked him over and muttered something about 'nasty perverts'. A comment Fin chose to ignore as he exhaled softly and continued to walk.
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Hex was Drunk. He'd been drunk for all of yesterday and the day before. He'd called off sick to work, claiming he had picked up norovirus- not unheard of for a medic. That allowed him time to make himself well and truly ill. He had started with pints, then pints and shots, and today he was on vodka neat. Doubles, now. He didn't sip, he gulped them down, then sipped water to help stay hydrated. He hadn't been to the gym, had barely even eaten. All he wanted to do was to be blind drunk and not think of what a selfish, awful, evil man he had been making that wish.

He had hurt his best friend in the world, a man he loved truly and deeply. How could he be so selfish? How could he be so low? He questioned himself over and over and when the questions stopped the inner accusations began. You're evil. You're filth. You'll never have anything more than lovers and they don't even care about you.

"Another," he said to the bartender.

"One more, then you go home, mate," the man replied as he poured another double for Hex.

He picked up the glass and wated how the vodka licked up the edge and clung like syrup. Then he downed it all at once. In a moment of clarity, drunken as it may be, he wrote a text to Q, then promply deleted it. The man would be so disappointed in him and he couldn't take another mate thinking he was rubbish.
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OTA - Debut

London. Wasn't it strange how they all kept ending up in London? Melissa, Wren... Well, okay, perhaps Wren belonged here, but whatever. Spencer had been here too though, and she wouldn't have been surprised to learn that Aria had been here at some point also.

Jenna was here alone though, and her cane tapped rhythmically against the pavement as she made her way down the street. Dark shades hid her eyes, serving as both a fashion statement and a shield, covering the white lines around her eyes. If she was honest, she wasn't completely sure why she'd come to London- Maybe to just get away from Rosewood, or maybe... Maybe she thought she'd uncover something here. Maybe even find closure here.

Right now, however, she was just trying to get to the bar, or the 'pub' as they called it.

Even in heels and with no way of seeing where she was going, Jenna never stumbled or tripped. So when her cane fell from her hands, it was because someone accidentally knocked it away. That was enough to make her stop in her tracks, sighing as whoever had knocked it continued walking.

"Damn it," she muttered, hating how exposed she felt as she very slowly started to crouch down to feel around for it.
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Gathering Post 7/7 - 7/14

It was about to be quite a long stretch of rainy days in London, with only a few cloudy days sprinkled in between. Still, it took more than a little rain to slow down London, and the city was as busy and alive as ever.

Rain also wouldn't stop most of the events happening that coming weekend. From the pubs to the parks, from food festivals to public Wimbledon viewings, there was something happening on every corner.
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Gathering Post - London Pride 6/17 - 6/26

While every week is a good week to love yourself and be proud, no week was better time to shout that pride from the rooftops than, well, London Pride. 

From Pride Ride, an epic group cycle through London, to parades, lunches, parties, massive club nights, and even comedy shows and concerts, there was no way anyone could be bored this week. There were ample opportunities to dress up in flashy clothes, reach out and meet other members of the LGBT community, and even just blow off some steam.

Some events of note to look forward to were the Natural History Museum June Lates, the already mentioned Pride RideSecret Soho Saucy Tours, and dozens of other events and fun times.

Something for everyone, and not  dull day in sight.
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Danny was gone. A note saying his good bye and a mobile number out of service. Hex had checked with Sara, had tried Scotty, but Danny had simply vanished. In a city this size if you knew how it asn't hard. But that still meant Hex had lost another who he loved. Maybe he just wasn't meant to have a boyfriend. Maybe that wasn't in the cards. He'd gravitated toward Fin because he was, and always would be, his best mate. Hex felt comfortable around him. But Fin had Will and the other fairies by default. He had his family and Hex had...not a lot.

Yeah, he had Spencer's house and he had money piled up from work and the videos and he'd been writing the book Stanley had pressed him to, so he wouldn't be hurting. Not in any kind of security sense.

But he was bloody lonely. The house seemed so empty with Danny gone.

He couldn't stand it anymore tonight so he'd stepped up, done his best to dress nice, and went into a pub where there was good food, plenty of ale, games and even a small dance floor, though no one was dancing this early. He ordered a bacon sarnie and a pint and took a seat where he could watch the door. Making up stories about people sort of made him feel better.

A bloke walked in and recognized him on the spot. "Hex!" he said warmly. "How are you, you bastard?"

Hex chuckled. "I'm alright."

"I seen you've been out of A&E, what have you been doing?" the man asked, pulling out a card.

"Recovering. I get clearance to go back in two weeks," he explained, then took the card.

"Say goodbye to St. Bart's, mate. Come work for me. Better benefits, better hours, all the danger and none of the bother. Driving an ambulance is the job for you," the bloke asssured him.

Hex smiled.

"I'll give you a call when I'm cleared," he said, happy for the first time in days. A medic. An ambulance. A change.

The bloke moved on and left Hex to his meal.

[Whatever pub you like, join him for dinner, see him through a window, text him to find out where he to anything]
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Debut - OTA

They'd fallen. That was the last thing either of them could recall. Their ship had been abandoned, and the pod they'd escaped in hadn't been built for this planet's atmosphere. It hit that inner layer, and simply began to dissolve. It had vanished, and they'd fallen.

No, it burned. There was heat, she thought. I was in here, and I still felt it. You should have let me out, I'm stronger.

He closed his eyes, too sore still to get up. It had taken all his energy just to pull himself out of the water- And she was right, he should have let her out, she absolutely was stronger than him, and a better swimmer as well. However, this had been his fault, he was the one who'd made a mistake during the repairs. It was only right he be the one to fall, landing like a stone in unclean waters.

You don't always have to be the strong one, he thought, and he could feel her disapproval.

They lay there a moment longer, but eventually opened their eyes. Reaching out, he used his psychic ability to read the unguarded thoughts of those passing by. Though he was mindful as always, never invasive, never aggressive.

London, that was where they had landed. He could hear it echoing the heads of locals and tourists, filtering in with all the other little tidbits of intel.

He winced in pain as he stood, and she sighed.

We should swap. I'm safe, you're hurt. Don't be foolish, She scolded.

He sighed, the stubborn part of him wanting to go on, the sensible part aware he should offer her control.

After a long moment of discussion, they emerged on street level, still damp, but otherwise composed and calm- If not a bit lost.

(OTA! New pup, you can see their wiki here. I left it open enough so you can decide if you want to meet him or her first, just let me know which you want to speak to in your tag.)