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Hex was Drunk. He'd been drunk for all of yesterday and the day before. He'd called off sick to work, claiming he had picked up norovirus- not unheard of for a medic. That allowed him time to make himself well and truly ill. He had started with pints, then pints and shots, and today he was on vodka neat. Doubles, now. He didn't sip, he gulped them down, then sipped water to help stay hydrated. He hadn't been to the gym, had barely even eaten. All he wanted to do was to be blind drunk and not think of what a selfish, awful, evil man he had been making that wish.

He had hurt his best friend in the world, a man he loved truly and deeply. How could he be so selfish? How could he be so low? He questioned himself over and over and when the questions stopped the inner accusations began. You're evil. You're filth. You'll never have anything more than lovers and they don't even care about you.

"Another," he said to the bartender.

"One more, then you go home, mate," the man replied as he poured another double for Hex.

He picked up the glass and wated how the vodka licked up the edge and clung like syrup. Then he downed it all at once. In a moment of clarity, drunken as it may be, he wrote a text to Q, then promply deleted it. The man would be so disappointed in him and he couldn't take another mate thinking he was rubbish.
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London. Wasn't it strange how they all kept ending up in London? Melissa, Wren... Well, okay, perhaps Wren belonged here, but whatever. Spencer had been here too though, and she wouldn't have been surprised to learn that Aria had been here at some point also.

Jenna was here alone though, and her cane tapped rhythmically against the pavement as she made her way down the street. Dark shades hid her eyes, serving as both a fashion statement and a shield, covering the white lines around her eyes. If she was honest, she wasn't completely sure why she'd come to London- Maybe to just get away from Rosewood, or maybe... Maybe she thought she'd uncover something here. Maybe even find closure here.

Right now, however, she was just trying to get to the bar, or the 'pub' as they called it.

Even in heels and with no way of seeing where she was going, Jenna never stumbled or tripped. So when her cane fell from her hands, it was because someone accidentally knocked it away. That was enough to make her stop in her tracks, sighing as whoever had knocked it continued walking.

"Damn it," she muttered, hating how exposed she felt as she very slowly started to crouch down to feel around for it.


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