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Logan and Jack are reunited. (ongoing)

Years ago, on a strange little island (in perhaps a very different time line) Logan Echolls and Jack Harkness made a really big mess together. Now, years later, they find themselves reunited in Jack's creepy underground lair. 

It's, you know, epic.
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 The house doesn't exist, that's the first thing anyone who might find themselves inside it would want to know. Now, you might ask how one could find themselves inside something that doesn't exist, but you'd honestly be better off asking yourself how you could leave something that doesn't exist. After all, ideas and concepts can't be burnt or broken, and you can't breakdown a door that's not there- Or was there and then decided to be somewhere else for a while...
You wake in a house though, a house that doesn't exist. A house that defies the laws of reality. There are corridors that go on for days, rooms full of nightmares, and millions of doors that lead you anywhere but out. Trapped inside with you are dozens of other people, all searching for an exit, or an explanation.
Behind every door you'll find your darkest fears, maybe even memories you've tried to forget, or secrets you never wanted to share... 
(OTA! Here is your first of two Halloween gps! This one is, of course, set in the haunted house where your pup can run into anything you can dream up! Deadly traps! Spooky monsters! An existential crises! Top level your pups waking up or running into danger, and then go ahead and tag other players! Since this is all magic-y and spooky don't worry too much about time lines and who bumped into who first. Only rule is that your pup can't escape until November 1st! Have fun! Also, because there are two GPs going up this week, both are open to new top levels for two whole weeks! And, of course, you can keep tagging long after that if you want. :D I'll post reminders daily on slack.)
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The universe was out to get her, Cissie thought. It hated her and wanted her to suffer and that was why she had been carried off to some strange new place yet again.

There had been no flash of light, no weird noises - she'd opened the door of her apartment and instead of stepping out into the tacky carpet of the hallway, she'd stepped out onto a crowded sidewalk with buildings she didn't recognize all around her.

This was the third - no, fourth time this had happened to her and really, it was getting old. She'd had a life back in Darrow. A strange, dual-kind of life but a life all the same and now it seemed she was going to have to start all over again.

"I really didn't sign up for this," she muttered. "And it would be really nice if the universe would stop screwing with me."
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The best thing about London was that there was always something to do, no matter what your interests were. This weekend there was a jazz festival in Bloomsbury, an ale festival that would take you through a drunken train tour of the city, an African culture festival near Covent Garden, and several movie screenings, parties, and other pockets of fun.

Tourists were flooding in from all over, and many Londoners were slipping off to, or coming back from, their latest trips to Barcelona, Paris, or Ibiza. The weather was warm, and it had been fairly dry and sunny lately- Really, it was the perfect place to be right now. ...At least that's what anyone who wasn't heading off to some tropical wonderland would tell you at least.

As day faded into evening, bars came alive and shop windows lit up, inviting in tourists and locals alike. The city buzzed well into the night, calming only briefly in the morning, before bursting back into life again.

(Have your pup be anywhere in the city you like. This GP is intended to take place over the course of Sat and Sun, but will be open all week long! Remember to add your pup's tag after you tag in!)


Jul. 6th, 2015 08:07 pm
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It's not paranoia if there really is something to be paranoid about, right?

Case in point: There seemed to be something weird going on with the vampires in London lately. They seemed to be somewhat less... under control. Or maybe just sloppier. But in the past couple of months he'd seen reports of several bodies showing up that screamed vampire killing. Even if, thank god, not too obvious - Kersen could only imagine the chaos if bodies with fang marks drained of blood started showing up. But that combined with the sloppy attack on Michael a couple of weeks ago, and another vampire trying to glamour a customer outside Kersen's bar... the high levels of activity were unusual, and it was troubling.

But it was also why, when Kersen saw a vampire appear to be following a human on a near empty street, he followed right along after them. He couldn't see the human from the front, but could tell the difference in scent.

And yep, there it went. The vampire pulled the human into a nearby alley. Picking up speed, Kersen followed.

[OOC: Be saved from a horrifying vampire attack! :D And the vampire can either be glamouring them or biting them (or whatever you want), so there's no need for your character to even find out about vampires if you don't want.]
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The weather this weekend was cool and dry, perfect for the festivals that were going on outside the city, and the many events going on within the city itself. There were poetry readings and plays in the west end, an art crawl happing near one of the universities, and a free lecture series going on not far from that...

Bars had opened their outdoor seating areas, allowing people to smoke while they sipped a pint. Cafes overflowed with tourists and locals alike, sipping their teas and coffees as they enjoyed a lack of rain. snapping their selfies and texting their mates.

Shops were having side walk sales, from the high street to the small boutiques. Clothes and baubles hung on racks and displays, glittering in the sun and attracting the gaze of everyone who walked by.

There was life and colour everywhere, the grey of winter lifting and allowing London to shine for a little while.

(Gathering posts are open for several days, so be sure to check back often to see who else has tagged in. Set your top level anywhere in the city!)


Apr. 7th, 2015 11:53 pm
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His knuckles connected with skin, and for the first time in days, Logan felt alive.

He honestly couldn't remember what the fight had started over, but it had begun in a bar and spilled out onto the street in a matter of moments. He wasn't winning, Logan was sure of that, but he honestly didn't care. Even as he crashed to the pavement and the other man's boot made contact with his gut, Logan only laughed through the pain.

His lip was bleeding, and his cheek was already bruised- Still, the fight wasn't slowing down at all, and likely wouldn't end until someone stepped in- Or one of them stopped breathing.
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 The evening was crisp as people flooded the West End for a night of fun. Restaurants and cafe's were full early and late, catering to the theater crowds that came for supper before their shows and dessert after. The theaters had various plays and musicals, many with big name stars- others with up-and-comers. The lights were bright and the atmosphere festive.
People wandered up and down the sidewalks and the traffic was thick. In the dark there were pickpockets but for the most part the crowds were safe.
It promised to be a good run for most of the shows if the atmosphere was any indication.


Mar. 15th, 2015 01:52 pm
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The plan was to go on either until everybody was tired or until the game got rained out, whichever happened first. Not that Sunny would have minded playing in the rain, but that was at home where everything was warm all the time. Such would not be the case here. It was warm enough that Sunny stripped her jacket after she'd been running for a bit, but she'd be grateful to have that extra layer on the way home later.

But so far the sky had held, so Sunny and several boys she'd met on campus--most of them international students themselves--were in the park playing a casual game of soccer. And teasing her for calling it that, when clearly it was football, but she gave razzing as good as she got and she was clearly more talented than most of them anyway, so it was all in good fun. Sunny's heart leaped to be playing outdoors again. She always missed sports during the winter. In places where winter was actually a thing. No one ever wanted to play.

At one point a gridlock between her and one of the boys as they vied for control of the ball resulted in it instead shooting out towards the walkway where of course it splashed hard into a puddle and sent water flying at passerby.

"Sorry!" Sunny called, wincing a little. She wasn't too far from being knee-deep in mud herself, but some people tended to mind that kind of thing. She jogged over to get the ball back and make any further apologies that seemed necessary.

((Maybe the splash just surprised your pup, maybe it got 'em good. Your choice!))
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 It was a warmer night than one might expect in February, and there were plenty of people out and about, milling around at bars, shops, and cafes- All of which had signs offering deals and good times.

On street corners buskers posed as statues and played songs for change, filling the city with sound and life as people celebrated being a day closer to the weekend.

Tomorrow there might be rain, but tonight it was dry and pleasant enough, and it seemed as if everyone was taking advantage of the fair weather.


Jan. 5th, 2015 09:10 pm
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Q'd never admit it, but he quite liked riding on the tube. He liked the way strangers were forced together, each demanding their space and ignoring one another's existence- despite the fact that they were often practically in one another's lap. In fact, tonight's ride home was a fine example of that, as Q sat trapped between two fairly young men who ignore him, and one another, while riding along in silence.

On Q's left was a small man, pale as death with hair that couldn't possibly be that shade of silver blonde naturally. Small and waif-like, he seemed to tremble as the doors slid open at each stop- until finally he rose, skittering off the train like some sort of nervous dog that had spent most of its life in its master's purse.

On the right, however, sat a very different young man. Tall and lean, but fit and still a bit tan from sun he'd certainly not seen in London. He appeared to be American, and he sat with his legs slightly spread, as if he owned the whole bloody train. ...Yes, definitely American this one. This one got off only one stop before his own, and Q watched him go, finding himself curious as to who the men were and what their stories were.

...Though that was one of the perks of being Q. He could do just that as soon as he got home. he could pull up their faces on CCTV, retrace their whole day, unravel their life stories... Perhaps he would- Right after he stopped off at his favourite cafe for a piping hot cup of tea.

(OTA- Couldn't decide who to post, so catch Logan, Winter, or Q as they get off at their separate stops. Make sure to let me know who you're tagging! XD)
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It was Christmas Eve in London, and all around the city people were out and about. Enjoying various parties, grabbing last minute gifts... Enjoying the lights and décor around the city. London was always beautiful, but in December it truly sparkled.

Outside shops, people collected toys and money for charities, hoping for last minute kindness from strangers to make the holiday even brighter for those in need. However, as the night fell, many shops shut early- While many bars and clubs did quite the opposite, opening their doors earlier and inviting people in.

All around there was bustle and lights, making the city appear even more alive than usual.

(Gathering post! Timed to Christmas Eve (day or night), but open all week long! Tag in, tag others, and check back often! Happy Holidays guys!)


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