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Halloween was as spooky or dull as you needed it to be in London. From handing out treats to those who came knocking, to attending costume parties and concerts all over the city, there was something for everyone tonight.
Plenty of bars and clubs were offering discounts to anyone bold enough to turn up in costume, and even the underground was bursting with holiday cheer as costumed commuters came and went, breaking up the dull day to day routine one usually faced while making your way from point a to point b.
Even those who chose to skip the costume were indulging in treats or maybe a creepy film or two.
There was no excuse to be bored. Not tonight. Not on Halloween.
(General Halloween GP for those who aren't keen on the haunted house! Feel free to post your pup anywhere in the city, from fancy dress parties to street corners. Go wild (or, you know, stay tame. Your call) Also, because there are two GPs going up this week, both are open to new top levels for two whole weeks! And, of course, you can keep tagging long after that if you want. :D I'll post reminders daily on slack.) 
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Summer was coming to an end, and fall was slowly creeping in as the temperatures dropped and the store fronts down the high street started to change to muted and earthy colours.

Menus at restaurants were beginning to change, and school for many was already back in session. Though there were still people attempting to enjoy the last weeks of summer, despite the fact that the weather was already turning on them.

As always, there was plenty to do this weekend, and though tourist season was slowing down, the streets and the underground were as busy and bustling as ever.

(Though the GP takes place over the course of Sat & Sun, it is, as always, open for as long as people want to top level and tag in. Be sure to check back throughout the week to see who has tagged in!)
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The best thing about London was that there was always something to do, no matter what your interests were. This weekend there was a jazz festival in Bloomsbury, an ale festival that would take you through a drunken train tour of the city, an African culture festival near Covent Garden, and several movie screenings, parties, and other pockets of fun.

Tourists were flooding in from all over, and many Londoners were slipping off to, or coming back from, their latest trips to Barcelona, Paris, or Ibiza. The weather was warm, and it had been fairly dry and sunny lately- Really, it was the perfect place to be right now. ...At least that's what anyone who wasn't heading off to some tropical wonderland would tell you at least.

As day faded into evening, bars came alive and shop windows lit up, inviting in tourists and locals alike. The city buzzed well into the night, calming only briefly in the morning, before bursting back into life again.

(Have your pup be anywhere in the city you like. This GP is intended to take place over the course of Sat and Sun, but will be open all week long! Remember to add your pup's tag after you tag in!)
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The news had broken early that morning, an exclusive in a single newspaper that quickly became front and center in dozens of newsagents around the city. As soon as the story posted on the paper's web site, it filtered out in blog posts and linkbacks, spreading to celebrity gossip rags and social media in a matter of minutes. In the wake of the horrific Whitfordshire murder the day before, covered in the slime of underage pornography, the story caught quickly with writers and commenters hungry for more of the salacious tale.

Beneath the enormous headline on the front page of the tabloid was a color photo of Felix Harrowgate, sometime companion of the younger brother of Stephen Teverius, the Home Secretary. In the photo, Felix looked particularly terrible, caught in the middle of what looked like some scathing remark -- a famous trait of his among the society reporters who most often witnessed him at his worst.

Behind the front page, the news story spilled Felix's darkest secret in lurid detail: photos and videos found at the scene of the Whitfordshire murder proved that Felix had been for sale and featured in underage pornography around twelve to fifteen years ago, and that the murdered man had been a regular client. The shocking truth had been "independently confirmed," the article claimed, that Felix Harrowgate's identity had been falsified, but nothing about the truth of his past seemed to exist. Not outside of the images found in Whitfordshire's collection.

When Felix arrived at the Mirador Agency for work that day, Thaddeus De Lalage, a colleague and friend, met him at the door. "You can't be here," Thaddeus told him, pushing a copy of the paper into his hands. "And the Curia suggests you don't return to the House for the time being, either." Behind him in the public lobby, the other wizards and apprentices arriving for work had stopped cold, staring, whispering, and keeping their distance. Only Robert Hermione considered approaching, suggesting to Thaddeus with his poisonous viper's smirk that he might not wish to extend any further contact with Felix, lest depravity -- and whatever else Felix might be carrying -- were catching.

Felix ensured that Robert knew exactly what he thought of him before turning on the heel of his Italian leather shoe and storming from the premises.

He needed only a few seconds to scan the article, and tear the newspaper in half before shoving it violently into the nearest trash can. Only a minute later did Felix realize he was stranded on the sidewalk in downtown London, with nothing but his wallet, phone, and work satchel, and nowhere to go.

That was when he realized that the passers-by were not actually passing by, were in fact starting to surround him, and carried cameras, microphones, and a cacophony of shouted questions. And that everywhere he went that day -- and perhaps for many days to come -- he would be unable to escape them.

(OOC: more here about this plot! Find Felix anywhere that's convenient, as he'll be hounded by reporters all day long. HMU with any questions on the aforementioned info post!


Jun. 21st, 2015 09:23 pm
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  "Are you serious?" Spencer asked, sounding exhausted as she stood in the waiting area by the nurses station at the hospital. "They're results from a physical, how did they get sent to the morgue?"
The girl behind the counter only shrugged. "It happens. I have a lot of paperwork back here, okay? Come back in an hour and I'll have it for you."
Spencer shifted from tired to stressed in an instant. "No, no- I need it now. I have to have it faxed over to the university by six at the latest. I know you're busy, but- What if you just called down there? I could pick it up myself," she offered.
The girl behind the counter seemed unsure, then shrugged. "Sure, okay. What's your name again?"
Sighing with relief, Spencer smiled. "Hastings, Spencer. Do you need me to spell it? I can write it down, or..."
The girl waved her off, shaking her head. "It's fine, whatever, just go, I'll tell them you're coming."
Spencer wasted no time dashing off towards the lift, glad to find it empty as the doors slid shut and she rode it down. The morgue was one level up from the basement, about halfway underground, and though the hospital upstairs was bright an modern, they'd clearly not bothered with that sort of polish and shine down here.
To her left there was a small office that she assumed would be for security, but it sat empty- In fact, the whole floor seemed empty and dark.
"Hello?" she called out, moving slowly as she made her way down the narrow hall, peeking into narrow windows in search of someone who could help her.  She was about to turn back and give up when she heard a door at the end of the hall swing open and shut. Taking off, she walked briskly towards it, slipping through the double doors- Only to find herself in a room full of tiny doors. ...It was the cold storage room. 
"Hello?" she tried again- Though instead of being greeted by silence this time, there was a banging sound, followed by flickering lights.
"It's nothing," she whispered to herself. "Nothing's wrong, it's just an old building with a crappy backup generator. You're fine, everything's fi-"
She cut herself off with a gasp as a familiar black hooded figure peered into the room. From where she stood she could see they were fussing with the door, though she couldn't see what they were doing exactly. 
Cautiously, Spencer stepped closer, trying to get a better look- But the figure kept their face well hidden, and in an instant they were taking off. Frowning, Spencer tried the door, only to find it locked.
"Are you kidding me?" she snapped. "Great, mildly inconvenienced by A," she muttered, looking around for another way out. Unfortunately the only other door was to a small office, which appeared to be home to a computer from the early 90's, a dead phone, and a pack of gum. Her cell phone was no use either, claiming to have no signal at all.
"Damn it," she muttered, shivering a bit as the cold started to cut through her slightly. ...Actually, was it her imagination, or was it getting colder? She could see her breath now, and she was certain she couldn't when she'd first come in.
"Hello?" she called out again, banging on the door, then looking around and spotting a vent. It was far too tight to climb through, but it looked like it possibly vented to the street outside. 
"Someone help, please! Help!" she yelled, hoping someone, anyone, would hear her as the temperature continued to drop at a rapid rate.
The doors rattled again, and when she turned to look she could see that A was back, watching her and starting to unlock the doors.
Had A come back to finish her off? Spencer wasn't about to find out, and she grabbed the sharpest thing she could find, arming herself and praying she could get past A before A managed to grab her.
Her heart was pounding, and what happened next happened so fast it almost didn't seem real. The doors flew open and A charged in. Spencer, though shaking and frozen to her core, managed to shove a steel trolley in A's way and dodge past them, taking off down the hall and through another set of double doors.
Glancing back, she could see A coming towards her, and she screamed as she reached a pair of heavy metal doors. Yanking them open, she was greeted by fresh air and an empty parking lot- Though she didn't dare stop there. Instead she kept running, the blade still clutched tightly in her hand and terror on her face as she ran right into someone less than half a block away.
(OTA! Feel free to have had your pup have heard Spencer screaming and freaking out in the hospital, or to have them simply encounter her on the street.  Either way, she probably looks like a crazy person right now.) 
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The weather this weekend was cool and dry, perfect for the festivals that were going on outside the city, and the many events going on within the city itself. There were poetry readings and plays in the west end, an art crawl happing near one of the universities, and a free lecture series going on not far from that...

Bars had opened their outdoor seating areas, allowing people to smoke while they sipped a pint. Cafes overflowed with tourists and locals alike, sipping their teas and coffees as they enjoyed a lack of rain. snapping their selfies and texting their mates.

Shops were having side walk sales, from the high street to the small boutiques. Clothes and baubles hung on racks and displays, glittering in the sun and attracting the gaze of everyone who walked by.

There was life and colour everywhere, the grey of winter lifting and allowing London to shine for a little while.

(Gathering posts are open for several days, so be sure to check back often to see who else has tagged in. Set your top level anywhere in the city!)

OTA - Debut

May. 8th, 2015 06:14 pm
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"What about school? Melissa, I graduate in June!" Spencer snapped, still attempting to pack her things as she spoke.

"Mom talked to the school, they've arranged for you to take your classes online as part of a 'Study Abroad' program. You'll have to write a few extra papers, but you'll graduate this year- Likely early," Melissa replied, calm despite Spencer's panic.

Melissa was a good two inches taller than Spencer, and though they had similar brown hair and features, Melissa always looked colder somehow. Even in moments like this, when she was simply trying to protect her little sister, she was noticeably older, and her expression was guarded. Almost as if she was worried even the slightest crack in her walls would let all her secrets out- And boy, they both had a lot of secrets.

"One of my best friends is about to go on trial for murder, Melissa!" Spencer snapped, throwing her floral, Tory Burch pumps into her bag as she spoke. "Am I supposed to just not be there for her?"

Melissa seemed to bite something back, chewing her bottom lip, then pursing them tightly for a beat before speaking. "They've offered her a plea, Spence- All she has to do is name her accomplice, and she gets off with a few years in prison," the older Hastings said quietly.

It was only then that Spencer stopped what she was doing.

"You think she's going to name me? Melissa, I didn't kill Mona," Spencer said, her voice tight and unsteady.

Melissa held one hand up, making it clear she didn't need to hear whatever Spencer had to say. "But you did try and strangle her once in front of a room full of people- You're the police's favourite suspect, and we both know that if Ali goes down, she's going to take someone with her- Spencer, we both know she's always had an axe to grind with our family."

Hands trembling, Spencer sat down on the edge of the bed.

--- --- ---

That had been three months ago. Three months in London, and Spencer was starting to feel like herself again. Living with her sister wasn't ideal, but it had as many perks as it had problems. Sure, it was awkward now that Melissa had gotten back with Wren, the man who'd kissed Spencer the first time they'd nearly been wed- And It was a little strained since Spencer had hooked up with Melissa and Wren's room mate... Though Spencer felt certain Melissa had picked the gorgeous, well educated man to share a flat with to insure Spencer had no reason to pay any attention to Wren.

Spencer rolled her eyes at the thought, leaning back in her seat as she sipped her latte and continued to people watch. She'd finished school early, just as Melissa had predicted, and despite her panic that she'd never get into any University ever now, she had been offered a spot at King's College in the fall- Thank's to Wren, who had a friend there.

Honestly, everything seemed to be back on track. It was perfect, everything she'd ever wanted... So why was it she felt so hollow?

Perhaps it was because she'd abandoned her friends when they needed her the most. Or perhaps it was because she hadn't heard from Toby since she'd flown out here...

Her phone chirped, and she absently picked it up. Once upon a time she'd flinched every time she received a new message, but it had been over a month since her last A text. Maybe she was finally safe. Maybe this is what they all should have done from the start.

However, when she slid her thumb across the screen to unlock it, her latte fell from her grasp, hitting the tiled brick where she sat outside her favourite cafe. Coffee and ceramic scattered around her feet, but Spencer's eyes were on her phone.

Don't get too comfy Spencer. It's your turn next. --A

Below was a photo of the latest issue of the Rosewood gazette, featuring a photo of Alison being removed from the courtroom in handcuffs. The headline was large and bolded, and only one word. 



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