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It was very important to have a work laptop and a personal laptop when you were in Q's line of work. One that was strictly business, and one that was pleasure and built to be experimented on. More importantly, where work computers were built to reflect ones professional strengths and projected a certain level of professionalism, personal computers could be a bit more fun and laid back. 

Q's personal laptop was a true workhorse, one he'd actually built himself - And rebuilt often. It looked a touch beat up, the screen coming away from the case in the left hand corner, and the keyboard so worn that all the key letters had worn away, leaving only f1 through f8 visible, along with the alt key on the left, and the end key on the far right. The case was a dull grey, covered in stickers from various events he'd attended and music acts he liked, as well as a few generic 'nerdy' logos and things. It was not something he'd take to work unless he absolutely needed to. Everything about this machine was personal- From its looks, to the hard drive he'd selected and the wires he'd used. It ran his own personalized OS, and was, honestly, one of his prized possessions.

The laptop currently sat on the table in front of him, the specially designed screen making it so only Q could see what he was typing. To anyone not wearing special glasses, the text would look like gibberish or a foreign language. It was experimental tech, but Q loved that sort of thing. He was always happy to be a guinea pig when it came to his own work.

Case in point: His hand. 

After his and Bond's recent abduction, Q had found himself with a shattered hand. He'd been told it would heal, but that it would take time, and that it might not ever be completely functional again- And that simply hadn't been good enough for the young Quartermaster. Cybernetics were something he'd only ever dabbled in, but Q was a genius- And he was the youngest Quartermaster MI6 had ever had for a reason. ...He was brilliant, and his new hand was remarkable. A mixture of flesh, blood, and electronics. Bond had been snippy about it, and M had lectured him for nearly two hours- But both men had agreed it was a remarkable bit of tech.

Q couldn't help but be pleased as it easily tapped away at the keys of his laptop, roaming over them as gracefully as ever as he worked on one of his other unsanctioned projects. He was in his own little world at the moment, lost in the elegant coding on his screen, and the music that was piping out of his headphones. He didn't notice that his phone was buzzing on the table, dancing across the flat surface as it rang silently and vibrated hard.

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"I want to hurt you," he said quietly. "I want to understand why it's good and not...what I know."

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"With your consent, of course," he added.

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Bond smiled softly at that and affectionately touched Q's back.

"I've made all the arrangements. Truthfully, I was planning to bring you here tonight regardless. I thought it would be a change."

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"I'd like you to put your glasses back on," Bond said as they took a table. "And unbutton your shirt one. I like the hollow of your throat."

The shift was subtle, Bond telling him what to do, but he had begun. He expected compliance. He was happy to make good on his promise of tea, but he also made it clear tea was an indulgence. Q wasn't in charge.

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He scrutinized him and then said simply-

"One more, I think."

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Bond wet his lips and gave the barest hint of a nod. It was certainly no secret he enjoyed admiring Q- he found the man so beautiful he could hardly express it sometimes. But there was something more in his eyes, a satisfaction at the rush of power he got from Q's unquestioning compliance.

"Very good," he said. A server arrived and he ordered a pot of tea and two cups. Earl Grey, of course. He knew Q's preferences.

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"A few weeks. I met with the owner when we got back from Jakarta," he said, pouring for them both and then making Q's tea to the man's taste. He passed him the cup on its saucer.

"But I've been planning to do this solo for longer than that. I've noticed you've not been seeing Hex. Did you have a falling out?"

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"That didn't seem to stop him before," Bond noted, but let it go. "I do notice you get tense without something more than I usually muster. And I'd like to rectify that. I feel ready to take the next step."

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"I wouldn't do this only for you<" Bond assured him. "I promise I'm doing this for my own pleasure."

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"Trust me...I've been thinking about this for a while," he said. "I haven't told you. I apologize for that. I've been weighing it."

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"I really don't know. I've been happy with some of the new things we've tried. Tying you up for that video was arousing. And I liked keeping you as a pet for the night. I know I'm slow to come round, but I want to try more. Eventually I want to try it all," Bond said and sipped his tea. It was such a civilised conversation, regardless of subject matter.

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The very mention of Q's blog made Bond think of the man's pants and what might be waiting for him. He was well trained now, knowing Q wore interesting pants for himself and not Bond's pleasure, but the agent's interest was quite the bonus.

Bond's eyes darkened and he didn't bother to finish his own tea. He simply stood and waited for Q to join him.

"I have a room waiting," he said.

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The lift took them up and opened on a hallway. Bond went to a door and punched in his code and opened it for Q. Inside was dark wood and white silk and damask. THe bed was sturdy with thick posts and dark hardware for bondage. High up pn the foot posts were rings meant for rope or cuffs. There was a St. Andrew's cross and some other furniture around the room, all designed for different sorts of pain and contortion. But it was all matched in walnut and white. One wall boasted an enormous mirror.

The bathroom, on the other hand, was stark and sterile, all white subway tile and black accents. It was remarkably clean.

"Undress," he said. "Slowly."


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