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It had been a while since he'd attended a class, but Winter was still dancing in his free time. In fact, today he was dancing, rather than playing music, in the park. He had his speaker nearby, playing soft, classical music from his playlist, and a bucket nearby to collect tips as he danced.

Ballet came naturally to the pixie, and he moved with ease, pushing up on his toes and extending his leg as he twirled. He was so into it that he didn't notice the little bit of magic creeping out from, coating one of the nearby trees in frost. 

The people who stopped to watch simply assumed it was part of the act though, and people smiled brightly as they snapped photos of the fair skinned boy and the shimmering, frost coated tree behind him. Not that Winter was paying any of them much mind, even as they started to drop change in his bucket. No, it wasn't until the song ended and he spotted a familiar face in the crowd that Winter seemed aware of the world around him. Looking a touch pleased with himself, he rocked back on his heels and used his magic to coax a little more cash from the pockets of his fans.

Though the smiles and the smugness weren't quite as genuine as usual. Winter was doing his best to seem his usual self- But the truth was he'd been a bit on edge since Halloween and his encounter with Crowley. He was wary of everyone now he knew how quickly a friend could turn on him.
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