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There were some days that simply couldn't pass unremarked, uncelebrated, and for Bobby Drake, today was one of those days. He'd picked up a pizza, then added some extra decorations scribed on the box in Sharpie: a dot in the center of the top extending out to an arrow on one side with (radius=z) written below it, and a double ended arrow on the thin edge of the box bearing an 'a', making the volume of their dinner pi*z*z*a. He'd also done a little self-art with that same Sharpie, although that was hidden beneath the long sleeve of his shirt.

Now he ducked into the bakery near his bus stop to pick up dessert, scanning the items in the case before raising an eyebrow and ordering a banoffee pie when it was his turn. He'd never had it, but it sounded delicious, and would round a perfect Pi Day dinner for himself and John.

Errands complete, he headed back to the bus stop to catch the bus home, wishing that his power had the ability to heat as well as cool; the pizza wasn't going to be anywhere near piping hot by the time he got it home to John at this rate, but in his mind the last stop had been vital.

[Happy Pi Day! Feel free to run into Bobby in the pizza place, the bakery, or at the bus stop.]

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Em was mentally reviewing her grocery list when she saw Bobby up ahead coming out of a bakery carrying a flat, white bakery box on top of a pizza box, and it felt so right she almost wanted to laugh. The pang of memories of pi days at the castle tempered the impulse, though.

"Somethings never change," she said brightly as she came up to him. "Happy Pi Day."
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"I'm not sure a sample size of two is enough to make that sort of call. The Exiles would be the ones who might know." But they weren't here to ask, and as much as Em liked Mariko and TJ, and Clarice and Illyana although she didn't know them as well, they weren't her first choices of people from Duninnean to have here.

"But yes, Bobby Drake, puns, math, and pie, all things that are better together, in my experience. We usually ended up with a full kitchen at the castle, between the ones baking, the ones eating, and the ones groaning over the math and/or puns." The bakers including Em, and most of those closest to her - Sabine, Dani, Sarah – and Pyro among the first of those lining up for pie.

"I've already planned steak and kidney pie, quiche lorraine, and a tarte à la bouillie for dessert for Jag and the boys tonight."

Date: 2017-03-19 03:04 am (UTC)
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"....Hey!" John called out when he heard the front door open, reaching to undo the apron loop around his back and hang it up. The sheer weight of the door, the squeaky hinges, the satisfying thump when it closed: these had all been integral to the house when he'd bought the place. There wasn't a window that didn't need a shove open or a door that didn't slam, and both sets of stairs creaked underfoot. It was, entirely, the sort of home that made it very clear who was inside, who was trying to get in, and where they were at all times. Which was just how he liked it.

He'd even been civil enough to ask Bobby's mom, and there was the proof, baking in the oven, filling up the house with its scent: an apple and cinnamon pie. Baked goods weren't really his speciality, but he was still above average at most things in the kitchen, even if he did say so himself. "Happy Math Nerd Solidarity Day."


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