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Living with Robin meant he was at his flat, and the shop, less often than he might have been had he continued to live above it, but Prometheus was still making an effort to keep the business going as best he could. It was important, he'd realized, to maintain stability in his life. It kept him calm, and it kept him sane. It was just one more tether to keep him grounded, that's how he always pictured it. Like he was some massive hot air balloon, and the things he cared about were the ropes that stopped him from blowing away.

He'd missed two days, having gotten caught up in a sculpture he'd been working on, and so he was more than a bit shocked to find some new stock waiting when he unlocked the doors. ...Or, rather, not stock, but- Birds. Parakeets, parrots, doves, rooks, all in beautiful cages, all staring at him, watching.

Two rooks shared a single cage, one black as pitch, the other a very rare albino, all white. Both beautiful- So long as they stayed well away.

"Epimetheus," he sighed, though what he wasn't sure of was if this was some sort of threat, or a peace offering. His brother was thoughtless enough to think some pretty birds might make a good gift, but surely sharp enough to know they'd be a terrifying surprise for the other titan. ...Really, it could have been either. However, surely if they'd been meant as a threat he wouldn't have bothered with cages. ...Right?

The cat that somehow came and went as it liked appeared out of nowhere, purring and wrapping itself around the titan's legs, prompting him to scoop it up and hold it to his chest like some sort of shield. 

"If I didn't think they'd peck my eyes out, cat, I'd open all the cages and let you feast," he murmured. "I'd rather not risk it though. Let's just get you something from the fridge instead, hmm? We'll worry about the winged beasts later."

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Robin didn't tense the way he used to at hearing that. "I'd kiss you if I weren't going ninety," he murmured.

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Robin laughed. "You have definitely not heard all of my orgy stories," he said. "I don't know, have I told you where I was around the French revolution? It's a long story, though. Starts at the beginning, goes to the end."

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Robin started telling the story, which was long as promised. There were no orgies, though he did sleep with Marie Antoinette. He was also present but in theory unimportant for a few key events. He was a spectator, but had a way of weaving himself into the tale that still made him sound like the star.

"... and so that was one of my closer brushes with death," he said. "Just because a mob thought my shoes were too shiny. Oh, here's our turn, right?"

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Robin put the top up on the car just in case it rained, and then followed Prometheus inside.

"Well this is charming," he said. "Not really my taste, but it seems like the kind of thing someone would call charming."

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"Or scotch," Robin pointed out.

He actually hadn't thought to ask if there was alcohol here...

"I'll be the muses left you condoms."

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Robin wasn't wearing a jacket, but he pushed up the sleeves of his shirt and toed off his shoes. Then he followed Prometheus into the kitchen. "Why do you have this place? Did you live here?"

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"I guess the muses decided they wanted ice cream," Robin said.

"Built? Literally, like with your own hands?"

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"That's impressive," said Robin, genuinely. "There's also something pretty hot about a man working with his hands. You should fuck me over one later." He smirked, and opened a cabinet, looking for alcohol.

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Robin really didn't think that Prometheus should be surprised in the least by his constantly bringing up sex, it was one of his dominant personality traits after all.

"Sure," he said, and took the bottle. "Still hoping there might be some scotch, though..."

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Robin tipped his head back and drank, then pressed his body closer to Prometheus'. "So did you also hand carve a bed?"

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Robin kissed him back, slinging his arms around his neck with the bottle dangling from one hand. If his hands were up there he wasn't tempted to just start unbuckling trousers.

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Robin slid back a bit on the table and pulled Prometheus close as they kissed, spreading his legs so that the titan was standing between them.

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Robin slid his hands up Prometheus' sides. "Less clothes," he murmured.

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