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There was a point in Danny's life where he could easily draw a line and say that was the past, and this was the future. Or maybe it was more a matter of what kind of person he was, versus who he could be if he wanted to be something more. Either way, it all boiled down to pre Alex and post Alex. Danny had gone from a life of drugs, drink, and as much debauchery as any human could handle, to a life that was almost domestic and normal. ...Then, of course, there had been post-post Alex. A strange pocket of time spent unraveling mystery after mystery, all while swimming in uncertainty and terror- Like Nancy Drew trapped in some sort of conspiracy theory filled snuff porn.
Life in a post, post Alex world was just chaos, and a sinking feeling of dread that hung about just close enough to always be felt. It had left him an even bigger mess than he'd been before they'd met. Though he supposed it would be odd if he'd somehow come out of it all as a well adjusted, functioning member of society. You don't wade that deep in the government's bullshit and come out better for it. You just didn't.
What had happened with Jack the other week, and the confession from Hex that had followed soon after, had left him on edge all over again. Danny found himself fearing a repeat of everything that had happened with Alex- And though that should have meant he was more vigilant than ever, the hopelessness that had come after learning the truth about the death of last lover lingered on even now, and rather than fight or prepare for war, Danny did what Danny did best. ...He fucked off and got fucked up.
There were certain things you couldn't take when you were on HIV meds. Technically he shouldn't have been taking anything, but if you knew how to walk the tightrope, it wasn't so bad. The blues were fine, powder was alright, but the reds were right out. They'd make him crash hard, and getting your stomach pumped on a Sunday night wasn't anyone's idea of a party. He was buzzing though, two shots of vodka, one of the blues, two lines... Pulse was a bit quick but that was alright, that was fine. Everything was fine. 
Everything was great.
He didn't know who was dancing with, but they were warm and they moved just right. They moved exactly right, and Danny was so good at this. He didn't have a single life skill you could put on a bloody resume, but he could do this. He was king of the fucking club scene, darling. He was swagger and lust, and as the bpm got higher, so did he, never missing a single beat.
"You're bloody brilliant," he told his dance partner, leaning in and speaking right in their ear. "Buy me a drink?"
(OTA, late tags and slow time super welcome! Danny is stoned out of his skull, but in a good mood. ...Yay? Feel free to kill his buzz or encourage this wicked behaviour.)
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"Are you feeling better?" Kersen asked, and took a long drag on his own cigarette, then let his head fall back against the wall as he looked up at the night sky briefly.
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Kersen turned his head towards him and smiled. "You're a good dancer," he said.
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"There's also a difference between dancing and just... dance floor foreplay," Kersen said, sounding amused.

"My place... it's a jazz club. Well, jazz club slash piano bar. Like I said, it's quieter. And the dancing is a bit more, ah... well. Dancing."
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"I guess you could say I'm an old soul," Kersen said. "Am I a hipster? Maybe I'm a hipster." He took another drag on the cigarette. "Also sometimes I dress in drag and sing. Am I not what you expected?"
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Well he was right about one thing, Kersen did sleep all day...

Kersen turned a little towards him, reached out again and brushed Danny's hair behind his ear. "That would be a shame," he said.
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Kersen hadn't done this in quite a while. It was always a risk, to pull random humans. But he was feeling good tonight... feeling in control. No reason he couldn't have a little fun, as long as he kept himself in check, right?

"Maybe just a few more minutes," he said, and turned to kiss him.
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It was a good kiss. Kersen slid one arm around Danny's waist, and then when the kiss broke, moved to brush his lips against his neck. Tasted salt.

"Or maybe... we don't go back in."
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Kersen thought briefly to how he'd first encountered Michael in the back room of this very club. Though that hadn't turned out that well, in the immediate.

"If we're going to get to know each other better, I think I'd like you all to myself," he said softly. "We could go... well, mine is about a twenty minute walk from here."
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Kersen did look a touch surprised at the mention of a boyfriend, but then it faded. After all, though he wouldn't call Michael his boyfriend, it was something.

"So I take it that means he won't mind?" he asked, just to clarify, as he nodded down the sidewalk and began to lead the way.
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Kersen did not seem upset at either of these revelations, belatedly realized maybe he should, but it was too late.

"That's... I'm sorry to hear that," he said after a moment. He was still walking.
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Kersen stopped walking and turned to look at him, wanting to make sure he could see he was sincere. "Not at all," he said.

He couldn't tell Danny that he had no reason to be bothered, since he couldn't carry disease. But maybe he'd just seem like a non-judgmental guy?
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The way he looked so relieved... it made Kersen wonder how much he'd just been beaten down. He impulsively reached out and grabbed Danny's hand as he started walking again.

"It's called Jazzmin," he said. "Bar, small dance floor. Great piano. I've got musicians that come in most nights. Sometimes I play. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I wear dresses while doing it. Or sometimes I'm behind the bar... or holed up in my office doing the books. I'm afraid the party animal you saw tonight is a bit of an anomaly."

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