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It wasn't as if Spencer had never been in a violent and dangerous situation before- He had, on multiple occasions, been held at gunpoint and shot at. So it was safe to assume that wasn't what had him feeling so shaken up this evening, though it had been startling to have a gun aimed at him after so long. Gun violence just wasn't as common here, and most of the cases he'd worked on lately hadn't involved gun violence in any way.

No, what had unsettled Spencer today had been how young the attacker had been. Barely even a teenager... And yet somehow armed, and violently angry.

At the last moment the boy had turned the gun on himself, and now after stacks of paperwork, meetings, briefings, and conversations that had seemed unending, Spencer found himself at a small cafe, staring at his cold coffee and trying to make sense of everything that had happened. ...All while questioning why he kept returning to a job that only left him with too many unanswerable questions, and an uncomfortable weight on his chest.

"I'm sorry sir, but are you planning on ordering anything else? I don't mean to rush you, just we're short on tables tonight," a server said, her voice soft and painfully polite as it snapped Spencer out of his thoughts.

(OTA! Catch Spencer leaving the cafe, or join him at his table.)
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Last night had been the full moon, which meant Valentine had spent the night locked up in his basement, howling and scratching at a heavy wooden door. The wolf didn't like being trapped. It didn't like its stupid plush bed or the leg of lamb that had been brought home from the butchers. No, it wanted something fresh, it wanted to hunt and run wild... But here in London, that simply wasn't an option.

If the wolf didn't harm someone, someone would surely harm it. That wasn't a risk Valentine was willing to take. ...And so today he ached. Sore from pacing and clawing all night long, and aching from where his bones had broken, shifted, and changed.

He sat alone at the bar at his favourite pub, picking at his lunch and nursing a pint. He never ate much the day after, but he needed something. The medium rare steak and chips would give him the energy he needed to get on with his day, and the pint would hopefully dull the ache in his bones.

"You alright, love? You don't look well," the woman behind the bar said gently. "I've noticed you get this way quite a lot..."

Valentine offered a weak, but charming smile. "I'm alright, Dana. Just had a big night out. You know how it is," he lied.

"I do know how it is, that's how I know you're full of shit," Dana replied, stern, but not unkind. "I'm not judging, I'm just sayin' you ought to get looked at. That's all. Go on, eat up and I'll top up your pint," she tutted, shaking her head and walking off with his glass.
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It was Christmas Eve in London, and all around the city people were out and about. Enjoying various parties, grabbing last minute gifts... Enjoying the lights and décor around the city. London was always beautiful, but in December it truly sparkled.

Outside shops, people collected toys and money for charities, hoping for last minute kindness from strangers to make the holiday even brighter for those in need. However, as the night fell, many shops shut early- While many bars and clubs did quite the opposite, opening their doors earlier and inviting people in.

All around there was bustle and lights, making the city appear even more alive than usual.

(Gathering post! Timed to Christmas Eve (day or night), but open all week long! Tag in, tag others, and check back often! Happy Holidays guys!)


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Christmas was something Winter had never heard of or seen before coming to the mortal realm, yet now it was everywhere. In shops, on billboards, on the radio and the telly. The mortals seemed obsessed with this strange, bearded man in red- And though Willy had explained it to him as best as he could, the pixie was still baffled by it all.

Still, he was out and about, searching for the perfect presents to give his keeper, dear fae Willy. 

He stood in the middle of Harrods, holding an ornament that twinkled in the light, letting it shine as he examined it. It made him smile, and though he didn't believe it would be a good gift, he did think it would look lovely in their home.

He was smiling, but as a woman in a thick coat bumped him, it very nearly fell to the ground- Stopped only by his magic as he floated it back up to his hand. 

(OTA! Feel free to have seen Winter's magic at work.)

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London, England. It was Bobby's first time here, and he was equal parts excited and anxious as he set out on his own in the city for the first time. He was several weeks early for the new school term, but after an unbearably cheerful Thanksgiving with his family, who no longer knew he was a mutant, he'd had to get out of there. He'd made up a story about some lecture series he was dying to attend, and though his parents had been disappointed that he wouldn't be spending Christmas with them, they'd made his flight and hotel arrangements willingly enough.

Now he was rested after the flight and decided to go out exploring, maybe check out the school campus, just generally start getting his bearings, and maybe figure out where he was going to live. The exchange program included an opportunity to stay with a host family, but he knew that wouldn't work for him. He wanted to find somewhere that he could be himself, at least when he was at home.

He left his hotel, heading first to the Starbucks he'd seen on the cab ride in for a mocha before heading in the direction of the college, trying not too look too much like he was new here.

[Set to early afternoon Monday. Find him in the area near King's College, or just exploring London and looking pretty out of his depth. ;)]
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Thomas hadn't been sure about his decision to look into opening a club, especially when Lara had been enthusiastically supportive of the whole idea, but somehow here he was anyway. Tonight, Unleashed would open its doors, the thematic offspring of Zero even if he'd refused to share the name with the White Court's Chicago feeding grounds.

Everything was perfect. He'd seen to most of the details himself, at least for tonight's opening, though Dierdre would be taking over the regular operating headaches. The flyers had been circulating for weeks, there was an excited buzz about the venue, and when he'd peeked outside earlier the line had already been forming down the block. With luck, he'd be able to pay Lara back the capital investment she'd made in a year or less.

He did one last walkthrough, taking in the well-stocked bars on every level, the furniture and...other equipment scattered around the edges, the staff in their revealing leather and chrome uniforms. Once he was sure everything was in order, he descended back to the second floor and nodded to the DJ booth. The house lights went off, the club lights were switched on, and the pounding, throbbing, bass-heavy music flooded the multi-story building.

The doors were unlocked and the first few eager customers wandered in, wide-eyed. Unleashed was open for business.

[Gathering post style! Tag in, tag each other, have a good time! See here for more details. Open all week!]
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The London Gastronomic Society organized a large indoor festival every year. Three restaurants on the top two floors in the Shard in London hosted this year’s food festival. Connected by a large atrium in the middle, they offered guests a grand setting to feast their taste buds with fine flavours and rich textures.

This year’s theme was Venice and all courses, dishes and amuses were inspired by Italy and Venice, its City of Bridges in particular. Tickets were freely sold, but a VIP lounge was set up on the restaurant of the top floor, separating the rich and famous from the ordinary people. The restaurant's large balconies offered the esteemed guests views of the atrium floor and the rest of the party on one side and London’s skyline on the other.

The theme had inspired the decorators to create a Venetian Carnival atmosphere throughout the three floors and the invitations read a Carnivalesque attire was greatly encouraged. Many people had complied and were dressed up, varying between tasteful to plainly outrageous. Everyone who hadn’t come dressed up, was given a mask at the entrance.

Waiters – dressed thematically – walked back and forth carrying large plates with the most delicious small dishes and amuses. Wine flowed freely and music inspired many to venture a dance in the atrium's dance floor.

((Gathering style, timed to Friday evening/night. Tag now, tag later, do what you like. Great way to meet new people!))
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 The theatre wan't terribly large, but tonight they were sold out- a rare accomplishment for such a small place, that was considered little more than a dot on the fringe of the theatre world. The result, of course, was panic all around. Actors looking tense, staff scurrying to get everything just right... It was making Fin's head hurt.

The play- His play- was receiving very good press, and Fin found himself just a bit overwhelmed by the attention his writing and acting was starting to get. 'Buzz' Jaxson called it. There was a whole lot of buzz going on- and Fin wasn't sure what to do with it.

The play wasn't very long. Short enough, even, that there was no intermission. Tonight's performance was one of their best, everything timed perfectly and delivered just as Fin had penned it. The thin, young man embodied the lead fully, becoming that man with ease. Though perhaps that was because this story was, in some ways, true. Death did court him, daily almost, and Fin denied him at every turn, just as in the play. So much so, that in the last act, as his character finally offered himself to death (only to be shunned and left to live alone for ever), Fin wondered if that would be how his life would end. 

Magic was so odd, and Willy seemed set on saving him- But for how long? Forever? Was forever what he wanted? ...Was it what anyone wanted really?

The curtains closed, then opened, and the actors took their bows.

After the show everyone poured into the bar that also served as the lobby, having drinks and chatting. Fin, however, sat alone near the end, looking a little melancholy and lost. A few audience members came up to tell him they enjoyed the show, and Fin was polite and smiled- But it was obvious he was feeling just a little trapped when two girls came over and insisted on taking a selfie with him.

(OTA! Late tags welcome. :))
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This year's fundraising benefit for the Catholic Children's Society was a rather grander affair than usual. It wasn't just that Lucrezia Borgia had money, but she was very good at convincing people to give her things. Things like use of a gorgeous venue, and donations for the silent auction.

The event was divided into three main areas: a large receiving room with food and a bar along with videos on mounted screens with information about the cause, another with discreet armed guards amidst auction items (some abstract, such as dinner for two at some of London's best restaurants, and others well worth guarding, like a $15,000 pound emerald necklace), and then, outside amongst the fountain, a band playing jazz standards and space for dancing.

Along with the pledges for the auction, volunteers circulated amongst the guests to speak about the charity and ask for donations of time or money. It was, of course, all a bit absurd, a lavish gathering of the wealthy to Help The Needy, but (according to Lucrezia Borgia, who had organized most of this particular affair) the wealthy would have their fancy parties no matter what so they may as well be guilted into some charity while they're at it.

[OOC: Please feel free to handwave whatever justification you like for a character being here, including invites from some random NPC or just crashing the party!]


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Anael liked to come and visit on a regular basis. He had never been the sort of angel to appear to mortals in all of his angelic glory, but he had come to enjoy spending short moments among them, veiled as one of them, along the course of the ages. Today, he had alighted on top of a building in the city of London (one of his favourites), cloaked to most eyes, and made it down to the street, now visible and wingless. The hint of frost quickly melted from his hair, and he let his feet guide him to a café, claiming a table outside. There was a couple two tables over falling in love, and it was a good place for him to be.

When someone sat at the table beside him, Anael gave them a smile, simply because it was in his nature to be friendly.
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June 16, 2014
Hannibal and Alcuin spend a summer evening at Hannibal's home.

June 17, 2014
While in the King's College psychology department, Alcuin listens in on Spencer Reid's lecture, and then has a chat with him afterwards.

June 20, 2014
A very rude man hits on Alcuin while he's at a wine tasting with Hannibal, and (after getting the man's business card for later), Hannibal has something to prove. [NSFW]

July 25, 2014
After a first encounter with Chris White that ends on a sour note, Alcuin is upset and winds up at Hannibal's home, then to the opera, and surprises Hannibal with a gift he'd been planning for him. [eventually NSFW]

July 28, 2014
Alcuin goes to see Chris again in the hopes of making a better first impression, and though it doesn't seem they will be friends, Chris does inspire him to think about his spirituality.

July 29, 2014
Alcuin goes on a date with Willy, that does not end as planned: a fairy bargain goes awry.
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Thursday night was the night all the City boys came out of their hiding places in the large glass buildings of London, and got absolutely sloshed. Well, ‘night’ might not be the word for it. They started at five and by ten in the evening, they were completely and utterly smashed. It did occur that the Moulin received calls around that time, from mumbling boys under too much stress and loaded with too much money wanting entertainment for the night.

It was around that time tonight too that Jade received a call from one of those pissed boys. He needed relief. Jade asked him if he wanted male or female company and the answer to that had been so crude, that Jade had decided to take this one himself. He wasn’t about to put any of his employees up with a drunk and rude bastard. It was not up to his Moulin standards.

But well, even drunk bastards needed a good time and his money was as good as any money.

So he had put on his tight leather pants and fishnet shirt, and waited outside the pub – in the alley because god forbid they were seen together – for the man to come out.

He lit himself a cigarette and rested his back against the wall. Maybe afterwards he could find himself someone to give him a good time too. Vampires came out at night, right? He could do with a little bite. Well, you know, to make up for being put up with a drunk yuppie. He deserved a little harmless something in return.
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Chris had taken the train in early and had settled into the library stacks upon opening. He'd spent all day there, pouring over the Bible, but not looking for any sort of salvation, only revelation. He would soon go to Rome, only recently having been given dispensation by the Vatican to study some truly ancient volumes of the holy book. He had spent his entire life studying the Bible for the linguistic nuances of translation and deciphering how the language used helped to shape the worship in practice.

It was truly fascinating work.

But it got to be tea time and he'd been there all day and he was starving. A man had to eat, or so he'd been told. He tucked away his work and added the tomes he'd puled to be reshelved. Then he struck out into the evening to find a decent place for a meal. Normally he'd go home but he felt a bit needy. Not that he craved contact, but in a way he did. He'd been sunk into words all day and now, if nothing else, he needed to listen to voices. He headed for the nearest pub and sat at the bar rather than take a table. Soon enough he had a bit of food, a pint, and he was listening to the men behind him discussing the Gaza protests that had filled the street the previous week end.

[If for some reason your pup would not be in a pub please feel free to meet him in the library or on the street or tube XD]


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